Over the last 20 years, there have been some really good animated series based on DC characters.  This week, we want to know what your favorite DC animated television series of the last 20 years is the bee’s knees.


Favorite DC Animated Television Series of the last 20 Years?

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    • Because Cartoon Network was in the middle of a massive over haul and made EVERY show re-pitch to the company. Justice League thought that that was bull crap so they said no and were thusly dropped.

  1. OttawaJanus on

    B:TAS followed closely by Batman: The Brave and the Bold – with the exception of the odd episode, that series is inspirational.

  2. Batman TAS has consistently featured strong writing, characterization, and kick-butt action. I still think it’s the model for a “serious” animated feature starring comic book heroes.

  3. Hm… okay.

    1. Why can’t I vote anymore on Major Spoilers?
    2. My vote would have been for JLU, awesome music, awesome stories, awesome characters.
    3. A moment ago, the site told me that The Zeta Project had -1% of the votes… that was funny.

  4. I voted for B:TAS as it was essentially the template from which all the others followed. It ushered in the post-Superfriends era of DC animation which is a good thing. I contend that any four eps of B:TAS are better than any single Batman movie…even the Nolan ones.

  5. MaximusRift on

    I, with maybe the exception of Krypto, have loved all of these shows and wish that they were still on the air. However, there would be no DCAU without BatmanTAS; and so my vote must go to the show that made way for all the other shows. I can only wish that Marvel had an animated universe as cool as this.

  6. Why must you make us choose!?! It’s like telling parents they can only pick one child. It’s too hard!

    But if I have to…..JLU for the win!

  7. Astrodinosaurus on

    (Emptied cache, still can’t vote)

    Regardless here is my take:
    BTAS gets the vote…But that’s partly brainwashing since I’m the exact right age to have “grown up on it”. You could have shown me any movie/show at that age and I’m sure it would be among my favourites today. Even so… the tone, writing, humour, drama, animation, design…its like every single part of it ties into something I have an appreciation of…Hell it might be the show gave me those tastes and preferences to begin with.

    Even so…

    BTBATB makes me smile these days (Even the acronym is enjoyable, bt-BAT-b) So I’m sure to watch it with my younger brother. And even with the BTTAS taking the vote it was a close call. Funny, clever, good hearted and brilliantly put together.

    So! Even though these two shows may have different flavours, the quality on both is top notch. So much so they stand out from the other shows and I deem these two my favourites..Good as JLU and BB may be on their own merits.

  8. JLU FTW. However, Batman Beyond is a very, very close second. Batman:TAS was the template and the the whole reason we have the others. BTBATB is silly without being stupid. Teen Titans had a good build up and great story arcs. But BB provided the most wow moments for me. I still enjoy watching them. B:TAS (here comes the sacrilege) is starting to feel dated. And I was 11 when it came out so I have the nostalgia as much as the next nerd. I’m glad BB is third but I agree with Ricco. just b/c it was first doesn’t make it the best.

  9. Never seen any of these on TV despite happily watching a lot of other cartoons like Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Hey Arnold well into my twenties. Ah, the student life! I voted for Brave and the Bold, of which I sampled great gobbets via YouTube one lazy weekend. Loved what they did with the Blue Beetles and Huntress, plus that Mrs Manface is one fine dame.

  10. It’s gotta be Batman. You get the Season 1 old school style as well as the Season 4/Worlds Finest style. Not to mention Mask of the Phanstasm. Gotta say my order is thusly:

    1. B:TAS
    2. Batman Beyond
    3. JLU
    4. LoSH
    5. S:TAS
    6. Static Shock
    7. Teen Titans
    8. The Batman
    9. Krypto the Superdog
    10. The Zeta Project
    11. Brave and the Bold (I know people will probably hate me for hating this show but I like what I like … er … hate what i hate.)

  11. slimeknight on

    JLU is number one but with Batman BaB close behind(another great season could change that) and then Batman animated and superman

  12. I had to say it was Batman:TAS, I just remeber getting off the school bus and running in praying I hadn’t missed the opening with the kicking Danny Elfman score. It had so many great episodes, great depth, and great voice acting, I loved the show.

    That being said, JLU, Batman Beyond, Superman:TAS, and LoSH would round everything out for me.

  13. Chuck's Right Foot on

    This poll just made me realize how great the DCAU is. I thought Teen Titans was brilliant but (except for Krypto and Zeta) have enjoyed each of the shows. Krypto and Zeta I just never caught on TV. Beast Boy and Cyborg on TT have made me lose my sh!t a few times while watching.

    • Krypto was for toddlers and very young children. I wathced it b/c my kids have watched it. It’s okay for little kids.

  14. Man, I’m always too late to get my comments in time for the podcast!
    While I agree with many that Justice League and Batman were stellar series, I feel I need to make a case for Static Shock.
    Static Shock was a very well-written series that tried really hard to give all the right action and excitement while still preserving a positive message.
    The protagonist in this show had a family, one he loved deeply. One of the constant themes of the show was trying to balance his super-hero lifestyle while still maintaining a home life.

    I know this show tried every gimmick to keep the viewership up, from celebrity voices to Justice League guest appearances. While definitely corny, I believe this reflects the creators’ deep desire to keep this “brave little engine” of a show running.

    Let’s not forget, it really went 4 seasons. That’s more than LoSH :)

    • CaptainAverage on

      I don’t thimk it’s tops on this list, but I’m also surprised at the lack of support for Static. Well said.I bet if the site could compile rankings, it would land higher on the list.

  15. I remember I was on a family vacation when JL relaunched as JLU. I fought my nieces for control of the TV in the rec room. They were 4 and 6 at the time. That’s how bad I needed that show in my life.

  16. litanyofthieves on

    JLU, just barely beating out Batman. While Batman got me interested in superheroes and the DCU, it was JLU that got me into the source material – DC comics.

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