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Radical Publishing proudly presents Time Bomb, the newest Sci-Fi/Action thriller from acclaimed creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl), now available to order in the May 2010 edition of Diamond Previews. Featuring interior art by award-winning industry favorite Paul Gulacy, Time Bomb takes the action and adventure of science fiction and throws it back into the explosive era of wartime Germany.

Time Bomb begins beneath the streets of modern day Berlin, where archeologists accidently activate the Omega Bomb, Hitler’s ultimate doomsday weapon designed to wipe out the human race. Now, equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment, a group of specialists must travel one day back through time to stop the bomb from ever going off. However, they quickly discover that rather than going back as intended, they’ve been sent back into the heart of Germany, in the midst of World War II. Now it’s up to them to save the human race on a ticking clock before the bomb is even set and in the backdrop of war.

“Having Jimmy and Justin onboard for Time Bomb is a real pleasure,” said Radical President and Publisher Barry Levine. “They’ve got a great reputation in the industry for delivering a great mix of action, adventure and tongue-in-cheek humor, no matter what genre they are working on. Radical Publishing is proud to feature Time Bomb in our catalog.”

Time Bomb #1 is the first of a three-issue miniseries and is listed in the May 2010 edition of Diamond Previews, shipping July 2010. Time Bomb #1 is 56-page comic retailing for $4.99.

Fans are encouraged to visit the Radical Publishing website at for more information.

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Radical Publishing is founded by Barry Levine (producer for Hercules, Caliber, Freedom Formula, Shrapnel, Abattoir, Oblivion, The Last Days of American Crime and executive producer for the in-development Rex Mundi movie for Warner Bros., written by Jim Uhls and starring Johnny Depp) and entrepreneur Jesse Berger (executive producer for Hercules, Caliber, Freedom Formula, Shrapnel, Abattoir, Oblivion and The Last Days of American Crime).

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  1. Interesting (if confusing) concept. However, that rendering of a Colt 1911 with a mini-laser sight and rear Novack Lo-mount sights is one of the best detailed weapons drawings I’ve seen in comics in a long time. Only two problems with it (1) a person trained in weapons tactics would never hold the weapon up near their head with their finger on the trigger and (2) the hammer’s not locked back so the gun’s not in battery to fire. He’s also apparently left-handed which would make a Colt 1911 a bit harder to operate since all the controls are on the right side of the slide. (Sorry, I know it’s OCD but it’s what I do…)

  2. Mike Keller on

    Wow. I’m a fan of James Rollins stories, and this certainly has the flavor of one of those. Can’t wait to see what Gray and Palmiatti come up with.

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