Sunday May 23, 2010 marked the end of the ground breaking series “Lost” on abc. After six incredible seasons, fans around the world gathered to witness how this epic television series would end.

I was invited to a special finale party by the Preston and Steve show (on WMMR), which is currently the number one radio morning show in Philadelphia. The finale party was held in a unique setting; the shark exhibit at the Adventure Aquarium located in Camden, New Jersey.

Guests in attendance were members of the morning show along with contest winners, employees of both the show and the aquarium. Dharma patches, free snacks and stickers were being given away and trivia contests were conducted in between commercial breaks where winners were awarded season DVD’s and even a chance to swim in the shark tank. Local media also attended to cover the event and get fan reaction. When it was all said and done, everyone had their own opinion on whether or not the finale delivered but no one could argue that it was truly a memorable night and we were all thrilled to share the experience together.


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  1. I think that no matter whether you felt satisfied with the season or not, you have to agree that that was a well done episode. I for one enjoyed it even if it didn’t answer every question with a definate answer. I can’t wait to buy this last season on DVD.

  2. It was a decent ending, answering most of the questions and explaining what the “sideways” portion was about. Just makes me wanna watch it all over again from the beginning. I really didn’t get into LOST until this last season started and I started watching Season 1 thru 5 on Netflix. Really couldn’t stop watching after I started. But man, what a journey. It’s a shame that Mr. Eko didn’t want to be on the island after the first season and then even when he was offered to show up on the finale, he wanted 5 times the money of what they offered to show up for the episode. Oh well.

  3. I felt closure with the finale and thought it was beautifully done. I was tearing up when Jack died on the very spot where he woke up on the island all those years ago with Vincent by his side. I think people are upset because they don’t have closure; we will never see Hurley’s reign as the new Jacob, his relationship with Ben as his second in command or what kind of life Sawyer, Kate, Lapidus, Miles and Ricahard had once they left the island. Still, I think this was the best show on television and possibly the best series ever made. I’m quite content; sad that’s it’s over but happy the show went out with a bang. It was never canceled and got to tell it’s story and remained popular. There’s nothing worse then a show that starts out strong but then dies because ppl stop caring.

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