Confessions of a Cosplay Girl: Lost series finale


Sunday May 23, 2010 marked the end of the ground breaking series “Lost” on abc. After six incredible seasons, fans around the world gathered to witness how this epic television series would end.

I was invited to a special finale party by the Preston and Steve show (on WMMR), which is currently the number one radio morning show in Philadelphia. The finale party was held in a unique setting; the shark exhibit at the Adventure Aquarium located in Camden, New Jersey.

Guests in attendance were members of the morning show along with contest winners, employees of both the show and the aquarium. Dharma patches, free snacks and stickers were being given away and trivia contests were conducted in between commercial breaks where winners were awarded season DVD’s and even a chance to swim in the shark tank. Local media also attended to cover the event and get fan reaction. When it was all said and done, everyone had their own opinion on whether or not the finale delivered but no one could argue that it was truly a memorable night and we were all thrilled to share the experience together.