Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Gene Gonzales


My fascination with Doc Savage never wanes, and Gene Gonzales makes sure the character remains in my radar with this wonderful sketch of Doc with a more time period-appropriate hair cut.

The Man of Bronze. Or The Man of Gray, I suppose. I decided on Doc Savage for today, and I also decided to look at the Street & Smith Publishing covers for Doc Savage Magazine because I didn’t want to do the James Bama version of the good Doc. James Bama did some incredible covers and they have become iconic for Doc Savage, but I’ve gotten tired of that hairstyle. It looks like some kind of gold/bronze helmet to me. Over the years, more people have stylized it to the point that it looks off, to me anyway. And that hair doesn’t reflect the time period of the pulps. Who had hair like that back then? So for better or for worse, I went with the look of the original pulp covers. :)

Well Gene, remind me to tell you the story sometime of how Doc went from classic hair to skull-cap sometime in the future when we meet up. It wasn’t James Bama’s idea at all…

via Gene Gonzales