If you were wondering when Marvel would step up and deliver their own massively multiplayer online game to counter DC’s DC Universe Online, then cast your gaze upon the trailer for the Super Hero Squad MMO.

What exactly got everyone so excited? How about dozens of playable Marvel heroes, with a full array of over 5,000 Marvel characters on hand for the future? Maybe the “gotta have ‘em all” aspect of collecting more heroes? It could have been the dedication to characterization and humor that’s mirrored in the “Super Hero Squad Show!” animated series? Of course it may be the incredibly interactive combination of the online social space and combat zones. Actually, it’s all that and more.


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  1. I’m confused as to what the target age group is for this game. You have expensive consoles that require a paid internet connection before you even buy the game. Not only that but it’s an MMO which I’m sure most parents don’t “love” their kids spending all thier time on. (for sheer volume of time spent.) Yet it’s obviously targeting a younger demographic.

    I’m confused at what their base audience is. Kids with Dads that have PS3/Xbox360’s who don’t mind them being raised by the television?

      • Sorry but I miss the point your making. I know kids spend a lot of time on their PC’s but this is for home consoles which have traditionally been kept under closer obvservation by parents.

        • Astrodinosaurus on

          I see your points. But so far this game has only been announced for the PC, so while your analysis is pretty spot on the data you are basing it on is incorrect.
          And making the game an MMO does not equal it to be a grind-fest or a 100 hour a week experience. The MMO aspect is likely there to tie it into the team aspect of the “Super hero squad” by focusing on multiplay. This could be very suitable for young kids. And as I said while IT IS coming out for the PC. The console version are yet to be announced.

          • Sorry … I just assumed it was coming out on home console when they said it was to compete with DC Universe Online. My bad.

  2. Astrodinosaurus on

    No need for an apology. 9/10 times the right course of action is always to contradict whatever I say.

    • ^Can I steal that as a signature? lol

      That’s definately my second “Phrase of the Day”. First one was Bobcat Goldthwait saying “I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.”

    • Astrodinosaurus on

      You can only send pre-written messages in the game. Its a kiddie MMO my younger brother used to play a bunch of them.

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