Michael Bay looks to have given the ultimate F’you to Megan Fox as it’s been announced that starlet will not return to Transformers 3.  While Fox did have an option for the third film in the franchise, Paramount says it was ultimately Bay’s decision to bring her on board or not.  In this case – not.

With filming of the third film beginning July 4, 2010 in Chicago, the production company is going to need to ramp up in order to find a replacement.  Some of the names that have been dropped already include Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, and Carey Mulligan (Shia LaBeouf’s girlfriend), although I hear that Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) might be the front runner.

Who do you want to see as the female lead in the next film, or do you even care?  Did the last film ruin it for you?

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  1. I’ll be surprised if Shia LaBeouf returns to the movie after his recent comments towards both it and Indian Jones. Looks like his ego is bigger than he is.

  2. litanyofthieves on

    I’m pretty tired of Megan Fox. Yes, she’s hot, but she can barely carry a scene on a good day. I can’t watch a bad movie just for some hot girl in a tight tank top, if I really wanted to look that badly, I’ll just right-click and save the article’s picture, for crying out loud. But then again, I’m not really interested in Transformers 3. The second movie was bad enough.

    Besides, like Michael Bay will have a hard time hiring a hot actress.

  3. @ brian g
    he is in it. i dont think he has an ego really, hes right. Transformers 2 was crap. splosions and robots humping legs a good movie does not make. and crystal skull was terrible aswell. from sword fighting to swinging through the jungle with a bunch of monkeys in one scene, hes completely justified in saying that they (including him) dropped the ball with those films. hes already been quoted several times that going into transformers 3 they want to make the best action movie ever and thats what his goal is. in my opinion shia is pretty down to earth… maybe he likes movies and the source materials just as much as he loves the money. thats just how i see it though.

    • I know he has a point, but you don’t keep you job by bashing the work. It’s bad press and bad business (on a personal level).

  4. i vote for a cardboard cut-out of slave leia circa RotJ. Better acting, less whining.

    Has Bay made a good movie, let alone ‘the best action movie ever’? definition of insanity – do the same thing over and expect different (better) results.

    Got news for you, part 1 was just as bad as part 2.

    • It’s kind of hard to argue about a formula that brings in almost $1 billion worldwide from the box office alone.. not to mention DVD sales and of course the tie in toys. Personally I am of the mindset that even mediocre Transformers movies are better than no Transformers movies.

  5. Space Cadet Juan on

    I say don’t even bother replacing her. The humans in Transformers movies are completely besides the point, anyway. They just distract from the fighting robots, which is all I really want to see in a Transformers movie…

  6. That pic’s connection to Transformers 3 casting is pretty loose… not that I’m complaining, mind you.

    They can’t be serious about Miley can they? She’s 17. Unless they are abandoning everything and going in a new direction, which seems unlikely.

  7. Frankly, I’m surprised there’s even gonna be a Transformers 3. Even my bad-movie-loving coworker didn’t like it. My feelings about the Fembot are well-documented, so I don’t care if she’s just diva’d herself into obscurity.

  8. The first movie ruined it for me…

    As for Megan, I applaud the filmmakers for taking the stance of changing out an actress who obviously works against the mood they’re trying to create…

  9. I asked a friend what the second Transformers was like and he said, “exactly like the first one.” Most people seem to think it was even worse than the first. So I still have no interest in seeing the 2nd, let alone the 3rd.

    As for Megan, I agree with litanyofthieves. There is a difference between a hot model and a hot actress, and Megan Fox is the first one.

    • I actually thought there was many parts of 2 that were far better than the original. For one, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee both felt like they could truly kick some ass. There were some very cool fights in the sequel. There were also some horrible things, but all told, it was a fun movie based on a cartoon that was based on a line of toys.

  10. So many hot girls could be in Transformers 3 instead of Megan. I’d vote for Odette Yustman, Rachel Bilson and Autumn Reeser!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hang on a minute..who the hell actually went into watching Transformers expecting a movie with great acting?!

    it’s all about 2 things, Robot fighting and Hot girls..let’s face it, the first time everyone saw Megan Fox in transformers, everyone just swallowed their spit down their throats.

    Bay just needs to cut the silly crap out and focus his camera and editing, i’m not interested in choppy editing but fluid filming. You want to make an awesome Transformers movie? make it about the robots..make it feel like the world is at stake and these robots are fighting for us..a hero is someone who rises above when all odds are against him, make it feel that way.

    I love optimus prime’s morality, he’s like a samurai..he has his own code, challenge it..Transformers 2 had a good bit where the world he saved turned its back on him, they wanted him off the planet, wish they explored more of that.

    Megan fox might be out, fine..just hire a similar hot or hotter girl, didn’t any of you notice megan fox always moving in slow motion in T2? it was never about acting, just eye candy..

    I want to see the battle clearly, no camera swooping and make it feel epic, this is good vs evil baby, you don’t need to add any other crap…

    Think of it this way, what made Batman the dark knight so amazing? it was a great villian who pushed the hero, pushed him so far into the brink but he rose above it. Give me that feeling, what better setting do you want than alien robots fighting in our planet?!

    • Hang on a minute..who the hell actually went into watching Transformers expecting a movie with great acting?!

      I don’t think anybody did… But we did expect SOME sort of acting.

    • Dark Knight was good because a good actor is playing a good role. Put a bad actor in that role and that movie would not be half as good as it is.

      You want a good, epic transformers that focuses on the robots – you need good voice ACTORS and live action actors to make it believable – otherwise you end up with the cheesy half-baked movies we have already seen. These movies haven’t come close to the great Transformers animated movie that features some excellent voice acting.

      How can you have it both ways – an epic, good transformers movie featuring stiff, slow motion filmed models? A movie without acting is just cgi fan service. you can watch that on youtube anytime you like.

      • It’s true good actors are needed, but i think the script has more value..dark knight was great because of the script..it is the director’s job to bring out the best in the actors. Christopher Nolan and his brother took the hero and subjected him to consequences for being a vigilante..the joker was born because of batman..

        I could go on for hours explaining why the dark knight was one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, but i herald the awesomeness of it all to nolan and his brother..the script was spot on…

        let’s take Wolverine Origins as another example, sure hugh jackman is a good actor, but if the script was better for Wolverine Origins, it would’ve been so much better! no amount of acting would save a bad script

        for me, i want Bay to focus on what the robots stand for, it has always been about the struggle of good vs evil. Cut the MTV style editing and focus on the battles, i can’t even tell which robot is which half of the time..

        It’s all about defining what makes a hero and working a script around it, unfortunately Hollywood is too busy thinking about merchandising than focusing on a good movie…you need to head to japan or something if you want movies that stay true to its sources

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