This issue: The Major Spoilers Crew talk Iron Man 2 and Tron.


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  1. Oh man Stephen… you really need to watch the extras on the Tron Bonus DVD. If you want, I will send you mine :)

    It’s not surprising that the graphics look different throughout the film. There were only a handful of groups doing any computer artwork at the time and Disney hired basically ALL of them for this movie. Each scene was the very best output that each effects house could make! No house could have made a full length CG movie at that time… this was the very earliest that a movie like this could have been done. In a way, I think this movie has a similar place in movie making history as Snow White.

    And… if you watch the extras, they explain the problems with the coloring and foreground you noticed. I think you will really dig the technical explanation of their difficulties and the creative ways they tried to solve them.

    Thanks again for evaluating one of my favorites

  2. Here’s something that’s always bugged me. In trivia questions all over, they’ve listed The Last Starfighter as the first film to use CGI, but if that’s the case, what did Tron use?

    Oh, and as far as Hackers, I’d say the amazing part of that movie is how accurate the writing is there. Granted, I didn’t know a single geek that looked like Johnny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Matthew Lillard or even Fisher Stevens, but they all TALKED the same (excepting Miller’s occasional American accent). They all had the same kind of ticks and personalities: the same (often silly) false bravado.

    If you were to remove the beautiful people, the over-the-top set decoration and the costuming, you’d see a very accurate movie about hackers in 1995. It’d also be kind of boring: a lot of plain-looking (or worse) people who dressed badly, hanging around in university computer labs and at Putt Putt Golf n Games.

  3. You screwed up some of the plot Comic Book Guy, Buddy was digitized by the computer in order to kill him and hide the body. When you say that he did it to him self it makes it sound like it happens all the time. And the program Mastercontrol, it was out of control, it was the CEO’s Frankenstein, it was going after the FBI and he count make it stop.

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