Well, another Free Comic Book Day has come and past, and what better way to celebrate the festivities than a write-up of the day, complete with pictures!

This year (much like every year), I spent a considerable portion of the day at my LCS of choice – Hobby Central in Delaware, Ohio. Throughout my time at the shop, I was amazed at the number of families strolling in, perusing the many isles of comics, games, toys, and model sets. When asked about Free Comic Book Day, owner Jamie Long had this to say:

“We’re doing alright. We didn’t do a whole lot of advertising this year. Other shops in the area had taken out radio ads for the day, and had many special guests and games set up for the customers. We may not have had the writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer or one of those inflatable jumping pits, but we’re doing pretty good.

“I really enjoy FCBD. I think it’s a good way to bring kids into the store and get them interested in comics and games. If I had one complaint [about the event in years past], it would have to be the number of “not kid-friendly” titles offered. This day should be all about bringing in young people to experience comics.”

Jacob Fathbruckner, another employee of Hobby Central, had a similar response:

“It’s nice to see the kids come in and get comics, and be genuinely happy about it. I mean, FCBD shouldn’t be targeted to the 40-year-olds who can buy the comics (and probably have, seeing as most comics were reprints this year) by themselves. FCBD should be about marketing comics to younger readers. I was especially impressed with the G.I. Joe issue released today, because it picks up where the original Marvel series left off in 1994.”

Hobby Central has been in business since September 1992, but has been dealing with comic books since the summer of 1996. “We’ve never been just a comic book store,” Long responded. “Nowadays, diversity is key.” When asked if he had anything else to add, Fathbruckner replied, “More people need to try Project Superpowers. It’s an excellent book that nobody here reads. And I should know… I take care of the pull lists.”

So if you find yourself in the Mid-Ohio area and need a good place to find models, games, train sets, and of course comics, stop by Hobby Central, 28 Troy Road Shopping Ctr. Delaware, right across from Grady Memorial Hospital. And tell ’em Sam sent you… it probably won’t get you anywhere, but it’s worth a shot.

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