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  1. Well guys, if we want to add to our Avengers game, here’s our list from the first thread. Other than that, I don’t have much to add… I’m just getting into this scene, and don’t know any of these characters so far. -_-‘

    ~~~ Bryan (Me)
    1. Avengers
    2. Secret Avengers
    3. New Avengers
    4. Avengers Academy
    5. Blue Collar Avengers
    6. Lesser Known Avengers
    7. Avenging Avengers: Electric Boogaloo
    ~~~ The Black Finger
    8. Iron Avengers
    9. America’s Avengers
    10. What If? Avengers
    11. Who Avenges The Avengers?
    ~~~ MaximusRift
    12. Ancient Avengers
    13. Pet Avengers
    14. Avengers in Space
    15. Magical Avengers
    16. Avengers Assemble!
    17. Joe Quesada’s Avengers
    18. West Coast Avengers Forever
    19. Mighty Avengers (yes, again)
    20. Avengers Unlimited
    21. Avengers X
    22. eXtreme Avengers
    ~~~ Brian
    23. Avengers take Manhattan
    24. Junior Avengers: The Search for more Money
    25. Fellowship of the Avengers – Continuing from Death of Captain America, a comic of Poker Night.
    25. The Two Avengers – A comic about a monthly dinner between Cap and Iron Man
    26. The Return of the First Avenger – The return of Steve Rogers. From the viewpoint of Ben Parker. Who is alive and an Agent of Norman Osborn. This is a result of One More Day.
    27. The Avengers Strike Back
    28. The Phantom Avengers
    29. Avengers of the Galaxy
    30. In the Name of the Avengers
    ~~~ Bryan (Me)
    31. The Avenger in the Iron Mask
    32. One Flew Over Avengers Mansion
    33. To The Avengers With Love
    34. The Avenger Who Loved Me
    35. The Telltale Avenger
    36. Victor Hugo’s Les Avengeres
    37. The Scarlet Avenger
    38. The Avengers of Wrath
    39. Diagnosis: Avenger
    40. The Avengers’ Zone
    41. The Purloined Avengers
    42. Bada-Bing, Badavengers
    43. Captain American Idol: Search for an Avenger
    44. Avenger’s Island: The Three Issue Tour
    45. The Avengers: Gotham by Gaslight
    47. Ten Little Avengers: And Then There Were None
    48. The Boxcar Avengers
    49. Teenaged Mutant Avenger-Turtles
    50. Avengers, She Wrote

    • ***Brother129
      51. Soul Avengers
      52. Voodoo Avengers
      53. Avenger Street Blues
      54. The Avengers of San Francisco
      55. Holy Avengers
      56. Unholy Avengers
      57. Zeo Avengers
      58. Turbo Avengers
      59. Avengers: Lost Galaxy
      60. Rescue Avengers
      61. Time Avengers
      62. Avengers: Wild Force
      63. Ninja Avengers
      64. S.P.D. Avengers
      65. Avengers B.C.

      Is it possible to reach 100? Wait and see! ;p

      • 66. Avengers Five-Oh (Me)
        ~~~ Astrodinosaurus
        67. Justice League of Avengers
        68. Revengers
        69. Avengers-men
        70. Avengers Factor
        71. Avengers-women
        72. Avengers Force
        73. Avengeratix
        74. Green Avengers Corp
        75. Avengers Of S.H.I.E.L.D
        76. Blue Avengers Corp
        77. Justice Society of Avengers
        78. Justice Society of Avengers ..All Stars
        79. Orange Avengers Corp
        80. Sregneva
        81. Avengers of Forgiveness
        82. Armored Avengers
        83. Asgardian Avengers
        84. Amerivengers
        85. iAVengers
        86. Avengers of Doom, Starring Captain Latveria, Cyborg Asgardian and a an alcoholic Doombot.

        • 90. An American Tale: Avengers go West
          91. All Avengers go to Heaven
          92. Avengers: Jarvis Tales
          93. Avengers Xtreme!!!!!1
          94. Baby Avengers
          95. Zombie Avengers
          96. Ape Avengers
          97. Avengers vs Deadpool Corps
          98. Planet of the Avengers
          99. Crisis of Infinite Avengers
          100. Final Avengers

  2. The artists are going to hate this costume as much as they did the original black and white costume of spidey.

  3. *list update* – y’all can just go “XX. Your Title Here” if you think of more…

    51. Soul Avengers (Brother129)
    52. Voodoo Avengers (Brother129)
    53. Avenger Street Blues (Adam)
    54. The Avengers of San Francisco (Adam)
    55. Avengers Five-Oh (Bryan)

  4. astrodinosaurus on

    This could be fun…

    Justice League of Avengers
    Avengers Factor
    Avengers Force
    Green Avengers Corp
    Avengers Of S.H.I.E.L.D
    Blue Avengers Corp
    Justice Society of Avengers
    Justice Society of Avengers ..All Stars
    Orange Avengers Corp
    Avengers of forgiveness
    Armored Avengers
    Asgardian Avengers
    Avengers of Doom, Starring Captain Latveria, Cyborg Asgardian and a an alcoholic Doombot.

    • I’ve added your titles into the main thread…

      Future people, just reply to that thread and keep the numbered list going. I want to see if we can get to 100 as well – the wittier the better. If we can get to 100 I wonder if we can get a mention on the podcast? A guy can dream anyway!

  5. Theres a nice plot of land not being used in westchester that this group could use instead of camp hammond to give that place a rest.

    • “Stryker. Did you know him?” “No, I never heard of him. Actually, that’s a lie. We were like brothers.”

  6. So from the Heroic Age teaser shot, can we assume the Beast will be the main trainer on this book? The characters so far have been on one Avengers team or another.

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