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  1. astrodinosaurus on

    See this is what I was waiting for. A compromise to the result of the civilwar. I hope Xavier gets to be a part of this book..if he isn’t killed off.

  2. Hmmm…I’m definitely on board with Gage and McKone. I’m hoping this book features some Young Avengers and former New Warriors, if they aren’t planning to revamp that title again…

  3. Hm… and here I was thinking that the revival of the adjective free Avengers spinning out of the cancelation of Mighty and New would result in fewer Avengers books… silly me.

  4. Okay, pretty soon we’re gonna have to start a “How many Avengers titles are there gonna be anyways??” poll.

    I got dibs on seven.

    1. Avengers
    2. Secret Avengers
    3. New Avengers
    4. Avengers Academy
    5. Blue Collar Avengers
    6. Lesser Known Avengers
    7. Avenging Avengers: Electric Boogaloo

    • I believe that should be:

      5. Great Lake Avengers
      6. West Coast Avengers
      7. Another Avengers book with Spider-Man and Wolverine: Electric Boogaloo.

    • The Black Finger on

      Hahaha. Well called sirs. May we also add:

      8. Iron Avengers
      9. America’s Avengers
      10. What If? Avengers
      11. Who Avenges The Avengers?

      • Cool. New Game. Let me play :

        12. Ancient Avengers
        13. Pet Avengers
        14. Avengers in Space
        15. Magical Avengers
        16. Avengers Assemble!
        17. Joe Quesada’s Avengers
        18. West Coast Avengers Forever
        19. Mighty Avengers (yes, again)
        20. Avengers Unlimited
        21. Avengers X
        22. eXtreme Avengers

        Let’s see if we can get it to 30. ^_^

        • 23. Avengers take Manhattan
          24. Junior Avengers: The Search for more Money
          25. Fellowship of the Avengers – Continuing from Death of Captain America, a comic of Poker Night.
          25. The Two Avengers – A comic about a monthly dinner between Cap and Iron Man
          26. The Return of the First Avenger – The return of Steve Rogers. From the viewpoint of Ben Parker. Who is alive and an Agent of Norman Osborn. This is a result of One More Day.
          27. The Avengers Strike Back
          28. The Phantom Avengers
          29. Avengers of the Galaxy
          30. In the Name of the Avengers

          • and now to go from sublime right off the cliff into ridiculous…

            31. The Avenger in the Iron Mask
            32. One Flew Over Avengers Mansion
            33. To The Avengers With Love
            34. The Avenger Who Loved Me (also from Ben Parker’s P.O.V.)
            35. The Telltale Avenger
            36. Victor Hugo’s Les Avengeres
            37. The Scarlet Avenger
            38. The Avengers of Wrath
            39. Diagnosis: Avenger
            40. The Avengers’ Zone
            41. The Purloined Avengers
            42. Bada-Bing, Badavengers
            43. Captain American Idol: Search for an Avenger
            44. Avenger’s Island: The Three Issue Tour
            45. The Avengers: Gotham by Gaslight
            47. Ten Little Avengers: And Then There Were None
            48. The Boxcar Avengers
            49. Teenaged Mutant Avenger-Turtles
            50. Avengers, She Wrote

  5. Einsteinic-Rocket on

    I’m not all that up to date on current Avengers stuff…but is this supposed to be like a revamp of Avengers: The Initiative? Or is it something totally unrelated?

  6. This is an awful catchphrase, whats next, “I’m gonna kill ya to death if you don’t die from me killin ya ta death first!”?

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