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  1. So is the Avengers expanding into some kind of network between all the super groups? Seems to be getting large. Maybe the whole thing is run by Steve Rogers?

    • When you put it like that, I automatically thought of the Justice League Unlimited and some of the older Justice League comics. Eveyone is a member at some level and can be called up as needed.

      Maybe they are trying to imply some sort of Avengers Social Network…? It used to feel like an ensemble story, but since Dissassemble the membership (for me at least)has just seemed very scatter shot.

  2. FInally. FINALLY, Marvel has quelled my disappointment from 25 years ago, when the Thing started mutating again and didn’t show up for his initiation into the West Coast Avengers.

  3. Well here we have a chance to be awesome. The thing has always been my favorite poorly written charcter. Hopefully he is given chance to shine that the charcter deserves. Bendis if you screw this up I will probably do nothing but be warned…

  4. I’m in, the thing it’s my favorite character and it’s about time to give him more time on the spotlight, ‘cos when he is Well writen he can be awsome (matthew, Rodrigo, stepehn & spoilerites if i may ask, which are your favorite thing adventure?)

    • (matthew, Rodrigo, stepehn & spoilerites if i may ask, which are your favorite thing adventure?)

      Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger was pretty cool. The Project Pegasus saga was a whompin’ big adventure… But for me, it’s all about Fantastic Four #51, which is technically a Thing adventure without being a Ben Grimm adventure. The issue of MTIO where The Thing and the Sandman just sat and had a conversation over beers was excellent as well.

      • my favorite thing momento is that one issue when the FF fougth EGO the living plante and the onlu one able to stand in the end was Ben, that’s when i tiugth “man he IS as hard core as anyone in teh Marvel Universe”
        BTW i would like to suggest EGO the living planet VS. MOGO the green lantern planet (the REAL battel of the planets) for the poooooooll of the week

  5. Does this ‘promotion’ mean The Thing will have to become a secret/shadow/dark/whatever-ominous-adjective-fits Fantastic Four member too?

    Is Marvel trying to forge another Wolverine?

    • Is Marvel trying to forge another Wolverine?

      Feh… Ben Grimm was ubiquitous in the Marvel U. when Logan wasn’t much more than an evolved rodent gleam in Len Wein’s eye.

      Four words: Marvel Two-In-One.

      When you’ve teamed up with BLUE DIAMOND, Logan, you come back and talk to me about awesome. :)

  6. The Thing is definitely a character that needs more spotlight, and a lot of good, focused writing. It will be really interesting to see him outside of his family, to see more of Ben Grimm.. that is, under some actual good writing.

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