Hey Major Spoilerites! If you could ask Mark Waid one question what would it be?  Would you ask him about Irredeemable, Legion of Super0-Heroes, or maybe Spider-Man?  Perhaps you want to know what it is like being the EIC at Boom! Studios, or how to get into writing  comics for a living.  Well here’s your chance.  Mark Waid has graciously agreed to answer 20 of the best questions that you, YES YOU, ask.

But don’t dwell or dawdle, Mark is a busy man, and he’s not going to wait around for you to come up with some fancy pants question.  Use the comment section below to pose your question, and we’ll gather the top 20 at the end of the week for Mr. Waid to answer.  And who knows, if you ask some really good questions, maybe we’ll be able to con talk Mr. Waid into coming back for a repeat performance in the future.


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  1. Mr Waid,

    Do you believe that comic books are losing their magic? (and by that I don’t mean the kind of magic that erases marriages, because comics have plenty of that) If so, what can be done to remedy this.


    • Is he still doing the podcast? I havent seen a new one come through iTunes for a while and I was wondering the same.

  2. If these people/characters only could eat one meal for the rest of their lives, what would it be?

    – The Plutonian
    – Max Daring/Max Damage
    – Peter Parker
    – Wally West
    – Mark Waid


  3. Mark, do you feel that as EIC of BOOM, that monthly “pamphlet” comics could be done away with, and replaced with a bi-annually OGN, like say of “Potters Field”? Or is the medium to unstable for a experiment like that?

  4. What were some of your goals for your second reboot of the Legion? Did you feel that you needed to cover ground that the previous reboot did not?

  5. In regards to the Kingdom Come miniseries, do you feel there was more left to do or was there perhaps parts that you wish you could have embellished on?

  6. Dang, I’m not sure. Just choose one of these:

    1) Are you gonna be co-authoring with Stan Lee on the new Superhero project?

    2) Any chance we get to see the supporting cast of Irredeemable/Incorruptible get their own comics?

    3) Which project do you feel is your worst? and Why?

  7. astrodinosaurus on

    Wonderwoman or Powergirl? I’m kidding… kinda.

    Seriously now… Regarding the continuity-bloat and lack of off-continuity titles.
    Having yourself written the (Can is say phenomenal?) Kingdom Come set in the original(I think?) “superhero continuity” and then gone on and now and created your very own universe. I figured your take on this issue (If it is an issue at all) would be enlightening.

    The Issue (Or my rant): Do you think many good writers these days maybe rush too hastily to make a mark on the main continuities, thus bloating those continuities with too many Status Quo changes (And no actual Status Quo or “downtime”) therefore keeping the medium in an unnatural state of flux and isolated from potential new readers?

    And if so, do you think a solution could be for the companies to streamline continuity by putting an effort into minimizing the amount of books and events taking place in their main continuities? And then maybe the companies could offer more “Else Worlds” and other kinds of “off-continuity” titles so that no stories go untold and the creators can go completely crazy with their respective interpretations and get to focus on the narrative on-hand rather than the upcoming event.

    Or is it impossibly futile to advocate for an imaginary world with “only” 3-4 monthly “Bat-titles” and an increase in off-continuity one-shots and miniseries like the much beloved All-Star Superman and the entertaining What If: The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe?

  8. astrodinosaurus on

    But seriously Wonderwoman or Powergirl?

    (Stephen after he answers tell him the correct answer is Barbara Gordon..Barbara Gordon)

  9. What would you have done with the Legion if you’d continued your run? (Would Cosmic Boy have returned? Would Dream Girl have stayed in Brainiac 5’s head? etc?)

  10. “Where can I find the awesome Flash statue?”

    Since this was discussed here recently: “What kind of story will it take to revive the Superman movie franchise?” I mean, he has read ’em all …

  11. Do you think Marvel or DC will ever go back to a “done in one” standardized format for their regular series?
    Or do you think the 6-part will one day give way to 12-parters?

  12. shamontemple from the bronx on

    First i want to say thanks for all the work you done ,now I want to know will we be seeing more stories that take place in the Irredeemable/Incorruptible universe maybe something from the past or from future ?

    If you could have done anything different in Superman Birthright what would it have been ?

    Do you feel Boom is more recognize because of the Disney stuff ?

    Wally west gone from kid to adult do you think it better he a father and how do you identify with him now that someone else has taken on the role of writing him ?

  13. Hello Mark,

    I’m a long time comic reader who is only now starting to catch up on some of the more classic/must-read tales. One of them being Kingdom Come. Regretfully, I never paid it any attention when it was fresh on shelves but have now gone a head and purchased (and read) the story. I’m a fool for waiting so long to enjoy this awesome piece of work. I have 2 questions with that being said:

    1. The tale feels like it’s timeless given the debate that it sparks between those with easily obtained power and those without. Do you feel that this story has a sort of longevity and timeless quality because of this theme? (I can relate the tale to so much going on in the world today.)

    2. From my point of view, the compeleted work is flawless. Do you feel the same? Probably, not. What’s something you would have done differently if you could?

  14. astrodinosaurus on

    If DC had been on-board would you ever have done an “Irredeemable” type story with Superman?

  15. Mr. Waid, first off, thank you for your time. All of us fanboys appreciate it. However, I wnated to ask you. How do you feel about Bart Allen becoming Kid Flash? Thank you again for your time!

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