It’s been quite a while since my last “Ask Victoria” article and I’ve had the time to do some amazing projects since then! I am featured on and have been featured on other numerous websites. I’ve been doing fashion photo shoots, web cam appearances as well as writing for Major Spoilers from time to time. And let’s not forget that I work as a teacher during the day and am a part time college student. I also recently completed my Zatanna cosplay and am currently working on Black Canary!

So it’s that time again where I invite all you beautiful, loyal readers of Major Spoilers to ask me your questions! Wether it’s regarding cosplay, comics, pop culture or any of my other careers, feel free to submit a question and it just might end up in my next article. Leave a comment below; deadline is March 18th!


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  1. I’m sorry … is there text to go along with that picture? everytime i go to see if there’s anything below the picture, my eyes won’t move away from it.

  2. I’m a big geek so if I had an authentic Captain America costume, I’d dress up and pretend to be Cap. I’d swing the shield and strike heroic poses.

    I know you like putting together your costumes but are there any particular characters you find empowering or inspiring when you’re dressed in that costume? Do you ever go so far as to “play” that character or do you just enjoy the costuming?

  3. I’ve actually got a question for you.

    I’m considering doing 1 of 2 outfits. I’m interested in Rorshack(sp) from Watchmen or V from V for Vendetta. Both outfits have very distinctive parts (namely the masks) which makes buying their outfit sets the easier route. Now the question is this: Would you buy the full outfit for a piece of the costume, then go and replace the “cheaper” more accurate parts with something that your more confortable in that doesn’t look as good?

    I would love to get either costume but I feel that the coats that come with the outfits are crapy (and easily broken or don’t fit me as well) but look more like the character. I think that I would be more comfortable in something that wasn’t as accurate but then I don’t look as much like the character as i could. Do you prefer comfort or accuracy more?

    Also … i have a second follow up question with this. I know that this outfit would take me some time to put together (because i’ve got other things in life to buy as well). When do you think is a good time to start telling interested people that your working on an outfit if you know that it won’t come out for a long while?

  4. Have you ever stared a costume only to leave it unfinished because it was to complicated, not worth it, etc. or are you the type that always follows through with you costume ideas?

  5. This is somewhat of a personal question because it has more to do with your self-perception and how others seem to see you than with just costumes. So feel free to skip it if you wish but know that it is asked with complete respect and fondness for you.

    So, it is okay for me to notice and for you to admit that you are very attractive. You have enough confidence to not only dress as one of the many perfectly-rendered female characters in comics but also appear on various cams, shows, and so on that are geared toward male interests.

    Even with all of that being so, are there any female characters that intimidate you when it comes to cosplaying them? Someone you feel maybe you can’t capture, either physically or for some other reason?

    Also, do you ever get jealousy expressed toward you by other females, who perhaps claim that your cosplay is just a cheap way to get attention from lonely fanboys?

    See, not too personal, right? :-)

  6. I was curious if your students know about your interest in comics/cosplay, or if you try to keep the two parts of your life separate. If they do know, are they constantly bragging about having the coolest teacher ever and attempting to turn every class into a comic book discussion?

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