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  1. Yeah, those boots are pretty cool. I just wish they could do a better job of hiding the articulation points on his ankles. Maybe they should take a look at what DC is doing with their character designs. =P

  2. So, are we to presume that his boots are ribbed for the pleasure of whomever it is whose butt he’s kicking … ?

  3. “Why does Wolverine wear a helmet in the the same shape as his hair anyway? It just looks ****ing stupid.”

    I seriously hate that mask. I hate that costume in general.

  4. This is the most stupidest move by a comic company in a long time besides bringing Barry Allen back. I mean some characters just need to stay dead. I guess Gwen Stacey will be coming back one day. But really you have four books being published with a crew and ideas but you are going to end them to start over with the same titles again but maybe with different characters? I dont understand the reasoning. The only thing i can come up with is that this is someone’s glorified dream to be in some sort of control issue and be the lord over ruler of all these titles. I would be more impressed if it was just one title. I mean come on, I think the Avengers could be so big you could still just have one title. I dont think readers mind a very large team. It has to be done well if you are going to have more than one book and I dont think this is doing so well that is the must have for all readers and it is what all readers are talking about.

    • I dunno. I’m also wondering why the ones on his left hand are curved more than those on the right? Opening beer cans, maybe?

  5. Captain Average on

    Thank you matt cable. I thought they were slightly curved blades, not semi-circles that would make him scratch his armpits when retracted.

  6. And the new announcement this week: Avengers Prime: After the Siege, a five-issue mini-series about how three old friends who tried to kill each other a couple of times have a “beer summit” so that Marvel can have a “Trinity” of their own.

    “Gee, Steve… I’m really sorry that I had you arrested and that you got shot…”

    “Well, Tony, even though it forced me to re-live years of hell on earth I guess since you scrambled your own brains we’re even.”

    “BRRRRPPPP! Yea, verily! Who put Pabst Blue Ribbon into the Son of Odin’s mead-horn!”

  7. I have now concluded that this will be an alternate universe Avengers line wherein the Heroic Age doesn’t happen and the same old New Avengers do the same old “underground” thing making them like some sort of superhero A-Team only not as awesome as what the superhero A-Team would actually be.

    Only way this works.

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