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  1. I thought Marvel said there’d be just one team of Avengers after Siege(I whine, missing the old days of the avengers when, quoting The Wrecker from New Avengers 55, “The name actually meant something.” I miss the days when the Marvel counterpart to the JLA were the Avengers. Now it’s like, a riddle –
    “If a group of lions is a pride, and a group of cows is a herd, what do you call a group of Marvel Super Heroes?
    The Avengers.”

    So much for the Heroic Age, I’m already disillusioned with it.

  2. “I take responsibility for my actions?” This from the superhero whose entire character is based on the premise that both Spidey and Parker catch h-e-double hockey sticks for doing the RIGHT thing?

    I could deal with the “regular” (“normal”? “old”? “classic”?) Avengers and a Secret Avengers title. I guess the next announcement is “I am a YOUNG Avenger”. Followed by “I am a MIDDLE-AGED Avenger”, “I am a TOXIC Avenger”, etc.

  3. so was the whole point of these relaunches just so Bendis could take over all the Avengers titles again..and prove what, he still cant write multiple Avengers books and give them a distinct voice

  4. Anyone really surprised with this inclusion?

    Exactly how many Avengers books will there be in the new “Heroic Age”? I’ve got Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, and the Avengers-In-Training book that has yet to be officially teased to death. Can Marvel PLEASE do a little streamlining in this new, bright, happy age?

  5. Marvel is just trying to suck the blood out of its readers with Avengers, X books, and Deadpool variant covers. Marvel if you are reading this you will not get my money anytime soon.

  6. I’m glad for the three announced books! Bendis still gets to give me two shots of Avengers goodness a month and no Dan Slott! Win-win!

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