Logan-6 has opportunity to become the greatest Sandman of them all – he just needs to bring down Sanctuary and everyone who believes the stories the underground organization dishes out.  The only problem is, Logan is now the hunted instead of the hunter.

LOGAN_S_RUN2_1COVER.jpgLogan’s Run: Last Day #2
Writer: Paul J. Salamoff
Artist: Daniel Gete
Colors: Joseph Baker
Letterer: Johnny Lowe
Publisher: Bluewater Comics

From the first page of this issue, readers will see that all is not right.  While the first issue’s flashbacks focused on Logan-6’s upbringing and what led him to become a Sandman, this issue gives readers a glimpse at how the world of Logan’s Run came into being.  I never read the original book, so I was never made privy to the historical detail of the fall of civilization.  It’s a pretty good idea – round up the populace and house them in city states following an all out nuclear war.  Through the flashbacks, readers learn where the colored flowers come from, and why 21 is set as the age for Last Day.  It’s also interesting to see how these moments will be twisted and misinterpreted by the Thinkers  when it comes time to rebuild the world.  It’s a fascinating look at one possible future if we don’t keep everything in check, and a great commentary on why we need to study and remember history.

These history lessons are interspersed with the current goings on with Logan, and while not as interesting as the flashbacks, his moments do serve to move the story forward at a breakneck speed.  Logan’s attempt at going undercover are dashed when he’s discovered to be a Sandman, and not Jessica-6’s life-mate Doyle-10.  Instead of waiting around to clear things up, Logan seizes the moment by forcing Jessica to take him to Sanctuary.  His actions, while noble (in his mind), are not viewed in the same light by his teammates, who now believe Logan has succumbed to the pressures of Last Day and has become a runner himself.

Salamoff does an excellent job of cramming a great deal of information into the issue.  While I have no idea what is still missing from the original book, he does an excellent job of giving the reader all the information they need to develop this dystopian future.  The moments left unanswered in the first issue, are now starting to gel, and I’m really liking the direction the story is taking.

Likewise, the art is once again very striking, as Gete serves up some very spooky, and cinematic visuals for the issue.  I like how he is able to keep Logan’s stoic expression throughout the action, even when everything falls apart.  The monochromatic color scheme for the flashbacks give an almost HAL-like cast to the history, and one wonders if we are seeing this through some omniscient narrator, or through the eyes of the robot overlords (no disrespect to our own Robot Overlord).

I’ve grown to like the works coming out of the smaller publishers, and Bluewater continues to offer up a series that is well written and drawn.  If you are looking for a series that has a lot of action (and quite a few on panel graphic killings), that stimulates your mind, and is free of capes and tights, then the Logan’s Run series is worth checking out.  Logan’s Run: Last Day #2 rates just as high as the first, earning 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

Rating: ★★★★½


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