Sean Phillips joins Dark Tower: Gunslinger saga


Marvel has announced that artist Sean Phillips has joined the Dark Tower creative team.

Phillips’ fellow Dark Tower collaborators couldn’t be more pleased with their new teammate. “Here’s to the beginning of our new Dark Tower adventure! Sean is a wonderful artist, so I can’t wait to see his depictions of Mid-World. We will all miss Jae [Lee], but we’re really lucky to have Sean. Peter and Richard will continue their amazing work, so I think Roland is ready to saddle up and move forward to the Mohaine Desert. Readers, bring plenty of sunscreen. You’re going to need it” said co-writer Robin Furth.

“The past four years spent in Midworld have been the most enjoyable and creatively fullfiling of my professional life. Jae has taken me further than I thought possible in the artistic field and I am ecstatic to now have Sean along for the ride. I’m sure he’ll quickly feel at home within our little functional family, with the wise guidance of Robin, Peter’s perfect prose and under Ralph’s despotic thumb” explained fellow artist Richard Isanove.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1 arrives in May 2010.

via Marvel