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  1. Howzabout we give a young aspiring actor a chance instead of using Will Smith’s kid who’s already going to be filthy-stinking-rich for his entire life? Nothing against the Smith family… Just saying.

    • So he shouldn’t get a shot to try something he likes because – as of now – he may be rich in the future due to his family’s current fame/wealth? I think it’s admirable that he would want to follow in his parent’s footsteps and learn what work means rather than become another in a long line of heir’s known for their rich and/or talented relations (Nicole Richie, Kelly Osborne, Brandon Davis… sadly, I could go on). I believe he was in Pursuit of Happiness with his dad and he was good in that.

    • I debated whether or not to post this, but …

      Will Smith’s kid isn’t allowed to be a young, aspiring actor? That’s just foolish.

      If we’re going to stamp the ‘you can’t follow in your father’s footsteps because he was too successful at his job’ rule on acting, shouldn’t we apply it to all areas?

      How many other actors are there whose parents were also in acting? Or musicians whose parents were also in music?

      How many Olympians have there been this year who are second, or even third generation athletes? For that matter, how many second generation NFL players are there? Or, heck, even professional wrestlers who are the children of other professional wrestlers? Do we need to make them find something else to do besides sports because, you know, someone in their family was already successful in that field and they need to free up the space for someone else?

      For that matter, I’m sure there are a lot of sports scholarships at different colleges around the country that are going to the kids of people who were also successful at sports. I think, clearly, we need to take those scholarships from those kids and give them to the kids of parents who didn’t participate in any kind of sport at the collegiate level.

      And, it isn’t just for people who are in the spotlight because of acting or athletics, you know. I mean, there are fourth and fifth generation farmers out there because their parents and their grandparents were really good at what they did. We need to take their farms away and let someone else have the shot at harvesting food or taking care of livestock, don’t we?

      Heck, while we’re at it, you could just go ahead and take the ‘and Sons’ off of pretty much any plumbing company in the country.

      Or, howzabout this: Other young, aspiring actors can step up their game. They can be so good that the director would be foolish to pick Will Smith’s kid over them. Get so good at what they do that, some day, when their kids want to be like them and do what they do, some other young aspiring actor will have to step up his game, too, in order to beat out their kids. Just sayin’.

      • yeah, shouldn’t the “filthy stinkin’ rich” Hollywood types be “spreading their wealth around” ala as per BHO said they should? Or, does that only pertain to the rich Right Wing types? I’m confused. California has all these rich Hollywood types taking residence yet the state is flat broke??? Ah, I get it now: the old “Do as I say, not as I do.” Yessir Masser Zobama!

        • Uh, Wil… What does any of this have to do with Obama? Nothing. That’s what.

          Anyhoo… I believe I said “Nothing against the Smith family… Just saying.”, but I guess that wasn’t enough to avoid backlash. I mean, I loved Fresh Prince too, but jeez.

        • yeah, shouldn’t the “filthy stinkin’ rich” Hollywood types be “spreading their wealth around” ala as per BHO said they should? Or, does that only pertain to the rich Right Wing types? I’m confused. California has all these rich Hollywood types taking residence yet the state is flat broke??? Ah, I get it now: the old “Do as I say, not as I do.” Yessir Masser Zobama!

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    • Try researching what Karate is and what Kung Fu is… and you’ll get your answer.

      As for Will Smith’s son… Does 4 paragraphs need to be lectured to someone on the internet? That’s just a little overkill on an emotional response to another anonymous person. Besides, it’s very likely that person won’t come back to the article. Let him stay on his hate-trip for people who become sucessful in the entertainment industry.

      I will just have to hold back my childhood memories of watching the original movies with Pat Morita and keep an open mind of the story and acting quality of the film. It’s supposed to be a martial arts film for the next childhood generation. Hopefully it will be a good enough flick that it’ll be their “Karate Kid”. My neices and nephews will probably love it since they’ve been taking lessons.

      The last bit tickled me, not just ‘cuz of the fly. But that the music in the background was the one playing when Daniel was at the tournament.

    • The original Karate Kid also learned Kung-Fu, Karate Kid’s signature move is from the 5 animal style Kung-Fu, Crane style to be more precise.

      The movie looks good, I don’t know how I feel about the location thou… I hope they don’t make all the Chinese people evil save Jackie Chang and the little girl.

  2. “The Kung Fu Kid” would have been more appropiate. Asian Martial Arts History 101 aside…having the Japanese/Okinawan martial art title “Karate” and having the movie’s story set in China, as well as using Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan as a mentor is very misleading. Especially to people who still have no idea the difference between karate, kung fu and TKD. Forget the whole Black Race Card and Blaxpoitation aspect, Asian stereotype is still to this day alive and well. If I had a dime to all the stereotypical commercials and tv and films that are guilty of said sterotype…i.e. characters wearing Japaneses gi and performing Chinese Kung Fu moves ala Bruce Lee(Chinses-American), or characters saying they know kung fu but yell in the Japanese “Hiyaa”, details like that…This movie should have been an original movie with its own original title, likened as an “homage”, instead of being billed as a re-make of the original classic Karate Kid series. Just like “The Next Karate Kid”(which I did enjoy) should have been. This new film may mean as well as the KK4 but they should have been original.

  3. As a MA myself, I was 100% against a remake. I grew up in the 80s. Don’t need to do it again, but I thinks this movie will be a great boon to the MA industry and looks fun.

  4. I think the trailer looks really good. I was originally thinking “too soon!” But after seeing this… I think I’ll check it out.

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