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  1. My consern with the 11th Doctor is what happened to Star Trek TNG, DS9, Voager, & then Enterprise: Feeling that you need to keep the francise going, even into its decline or detriment.

    I hope that I am wrong but worried that I will be right.

    • Er…you do realise that the Ecclestone-Tennant era can’t really be made analogous to the original Star Trek, right? From Hartnell to Smith, this is all a continuing narrative of one guy. It’s less keeping a franchise alive and more taking up a new chapter of an ongoing saga. Star Trek concerned a certain cast of characters with one dynamic, and its spin-offs another cast of characters with a similar dynamic. Doctor Who has only ever concerned one man with many forms and many assistants. It’s basically an unfair comparison to make unless you can counter that Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeaway, etc., were all the same character operating the same ship over a period of time.

      If anything of Doctor Who can be compared to Star Trek, you could probably contrast Torchwood against Voyager or DS9. Which would make for a pretty unfair comparison, as Voyager & DS9 have had a successful track record of more than one decent episode per series, which Torchwood will never have.

      • Ignoring the Torchwood crack for the moment, all I’m saying is that a break isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a series that has been running for a while now. I just don’t want the need to continue the money, er, series to be the enemy of a quality story. Like I said, I hope that I am wrong and #11 will be as good or better than #9 & 10.

  2. Feh, only certain bits of that are gonna appear in the actual series…I hardly think that such a convenient swirl of enemies would just appear like that.

    Plus, this trailer is largely designed to play in 3D theatres in front of Alice in TimBurtonsCrapIdeasLand.

    • Agreed. This is more of a tease than any kind of preview of actual content. It was designed for 3D screens hence the swirling maelstrom of villains. I’m looking forward to the new Doctor, new Companion and new show-runner. Should be a good time…Sometimes I think people get a little TOO serious about this show.

      • Me too. It’s part of our traditional staple of British silliness, proudly alongside Monty Python and the Goon Show. Going on about how Smith isn’t as much of a sex icon or old enough for the part is just…well, futile, when you consider that the series’ most feared villains are golden pepperpots suffering from chickenpox and Iron Man spraypainted silver with handlebars on his nut.

        (I actually preferred the old-series Cybermen. These new ones are dull and unscary.)

  3. I agree mostly with Salieri – Dr. Who is bigger than one Doctor, so even if this Doctor doesn’t live up to the previous ones (and looking at the promo, I’d say that’s a pretty big “if”), there will undoubtedly be others. Disagree about Torchwood though. Even though some of it was way too weird for me, I think it had at least a couple decent episodes in its run.

  4. Come to think of it, I wonder if the Silurians are going to be the main villain of this year? That hovering Silurian head at the end would seem to suggest it.

  5. John in Orlando on

    I don’t like the new Doctor Who logo at all. I’d love to see this trailer in 3-D but we are probably not going to get that in the US. Nice to see the Weeping Angels in there!

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