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This issue: Each of the members of the Major Spoilers crew answers the question, “How did you get into comics?”


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  1. @ Julian ^ Heh heh heh.

    Stephen made a point that I hadn’t really considered in my formative comic reading years, and that was about newspaper strips and collections of those same strips. I know we had digest sized paperbacks of Beetle Baily, B.C. and Hi and Lois, and I had several Garfield collections as well. We also had a paperback of Mad Magazine stuff that I read dozens of times (it contained the Superman parody ‘SuperDuperMan’). Those readings certainly formed my earliest exposure to the comics medium, well before I ever set eyes on a ‘comic book’ in the sense of monthly Marvel/DC comic books.

  2. Wow, I would have thought there would be more responses than this. Well, my story is of a very recent vintage… I only got ‘into’ comics last year. Here goes:

    I started of as a videogamer listening to IGN’s podcasts. Well, that got me interested in the genre but living in the suburbs I didn’t have a local comic book shop. Eventually we come to last winter and FINAL CRISIS… I was intrigued from what I had heard about it, but that wasn’t much. So I searched out more podcasts and found the Major Spoilers Podcast because they did page by page analysis of each issue.

    So that got me listening to two podcasts about comics which kept me reasonably in the know long enough that when I moved to the big city I knew enough about what I liked to make the jump. I searched out a shop nearby and bought my first comics – luckily enough this was the week of the Bat book relaunch, so the first two books I bought were Batman and Robin #1 (which I asked for) and Red Robin #1 (which was recommended to me by the guy working there.) As the weeks went on, I started getting into more comics until I had a handful of series I was buying regularly.

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