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  1. Maybe now they can give some explanation on Mon-El’s status in this era that doesn’t make my head hurt to think about it. Apparently with him being a member of the new JLA line-up (which I really haven’t see much of him in)he’s supposed to stay in this era for awhile. But then, I could be wrong.

    Having story arcs split over this many titles is rough for those of us that don’t buy a ton of comics per month. Right now there’s no way I can get Superman, Action, Last Stand, JLA and Adventure all at the same time to keep up. Same thing with the teasers on “Brightest Day”. “The Heroic Age” from Marvel is pretty much understood but all this “Brightest Day doesn’t mean shiny and good…” makes my head hurt worse than a Miz promo.

  2. Taz if you can wait on things then Trade Paper backs may be the best option. They work for me. What I dont understand is what happened to Mon’s problem with lead? Is that suddenly cured while he is here or it was done before and he was just sent back in time?

    • IIRC, Mon’s lead problem cleared up “mysteriously”, like acne, at just about the same time Superman had to get outta Dodge.. er, Metropolis. I think some kinda “spray” was involved, but I’m operating _solely_ on memory. If y’all want some kinda fact I suggest some wikipediaing. :D Actually, gimme a sec and I’ll find out…
      *pause for effect*
      Here we go, thanks to the ‘pedia itself: “In the Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds miniseries, Mon-El is rescued from the Phantom Zone by his teammates. Upon leaving the Zone, Mon-El once again suffers the effects of lead poisoning, but as in the past, is inoculated with an antidote created by Brainiac 5.”

    • Thanks, Eric. I’m not a big trade edition fan. I’m still old-school enough to enjoy the issue by issue passage of a story arc. However, I had to get the trade edition of Final Crisis to make heads or tails out of that one since I couldn’t follow every issue of the series. Sometimes I have to slip to the darkest depths and consult (shudder!) Wikipedia. I’M SORRY! I’M SO WEAK….BAAAAAAWWWWWW (snif!).

  3. I’m simply picking on the uppermost picture, not the issue itself, but there are a few little things that are sticking out to me. Superman’s hair looks weird, but his pose is most confusing. It looks as if he’s flying down and about to touchdown with that one foot, if that is the case, why and how is his cape to the side and in front of him. For another thing, I’d imagine that Superman is pretty muscular, so how does he comfortably just pull his left calf up against his thigh and just keep it there with no problem. I didn’t really care for the angry/poop faces for the guys in the bottom left of the cover either. I do quite like the Adventure Comics cover though. I have much respect for all sorts of different art styles, but some things just irk me.

    • I think he’s flying “in retreat”, which would explain the cape’s motion as well as the “awkwardness” of the pose. He’s kinda doing a “super backwards jump/fly” kinda thing? And as for the calf-leg muscles thing… Um, superflexibility, duhhh. (Okay, that’s not exactly a serious answer, but, like, his kryptonian physiology does not need to adhere to human tendon/muscle limitations, does it?)

      • I did consider the Super backwards jump/fly idea, but based on the direction he’s facing and where he appears to be looking, I don’t know what he’s running from or looking at. You’re right though there are perfectly logical explanations for these things, I just didn’t think about them. Firstly, I didn’t think that maybe he has like wicked strong Super Peripheral Vision, so he’s probably running away/parallel to the Brainiac Spider and the who flexibility thing should have been obvious… Super Yoga! It all makes so much sense now. Thanks for helping me walk through it.

        • Hey, what is this whole comments/conversation thing for, if not to help a fellow comic consumer not be consumed by comic minutia? :D (I ran out of c-words. Bummer.)

          • There were circumstantial components to the chapter and verse congruent with celestial conceptions of comic culture. Congratulations on coming to clean conclusions. Cripes! I concede that knowing what I’m talking about is beyond my cognizance.

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