DC Sneak Peek: Justice League of America #42


What’s next for the JLA following the events of Cry for Justice!? DC released a sneak peek of Justice League of America #42 by Mark Bagley and James Robinson.

Justice League of America #42
Written by James Robinson
Art and cover by Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter
Variant cover by Adrian Melo and Mariah Benes

In the aftermath of the horrific events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, a member is comforted by his friends and fellow Justice Leaguers over his tragic loss. And when Dick Grayson is offered membership, will the new Batman accept? Or would he rather operate outside the realm of the World’s Greatest Heroes?

Meanwhile, Ray Palmer attempts to unlock a device that’s been discovered by the team. Will it spell their doom – or something far worse? They’d better find out soon because Dr. Impossible has chosen now, of all times, to attack! Who exactly is this mysterious villain and who has he brought back with him? The new era for the team marches forward!

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