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This episode: Inside the tower, outside the tower, fighting ensues.


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  1. Good episode. Really enjoy where this is going. And it was definitely much more relaxed after the last couple of “weeks”.

  2. TORQ SMASH!!!! Torq needs to start Hulking out IMO. Another good one from y’all. Question I had. What are the stats on Torq’s big ass axe?

  3. it’s a +2 greataxe, so +2 enhancement to attack and damage +2 proficiency to attack, 1d12 damage and an extra 2d6 + 1d12 on a crit

  4. I joined in the middle of the campaign, but was hooked after the 2nd episode. Thanks for covering the 4th Edition mechanics. HOWEVER, my favorite parts of the show are Matthews jokes and Steve’s questioning. Who doesn’t like listening to a newbie figure out how the game works with both written and unwritten rules – just like life. Who doesn’t like the experienced gamer leading him through it – knowing exactly when to state “I leap off the tower”. It is THE MOST entertaining part of the podcast for me. If you can’t get enjoyment from this you forgot why this game is played. Rodrigo gets a gold star for GMing – mostly for creativity and patience, but his references rock.

  5. Out of curiosity, where are the pictures posted from this podcast? I’ve looked around on this site & in the feed, but can’t seem to find any reference to them. It’s probably obvious, but I’d appreciate a hint in the right direction :-)

  6. Does the downed enemy leader riding the squiggle have to save against death the way a PC does? As much as I’d love to hear Torq cut him in half, it would seem to be better for the story if the guy escaped. It would be interesting to see how Rodrigo would work him into the plot down the road. I can see him as a Roxxas to Torq’s Blok.

    • This sort of thing is what’s often referred to as ‘DM-fiat’, meaning that the bad guy simply isn’t dead unless Rodgrigo the DM says he is. Going strictly by the 4th Edition D&D rules, a non-player character is either dead or unconscious once they hit 0 hit points and it is the person dealing the last bit of damage that decides whether that damage was lethal or just knocks the NPC out. The thing is, though, that it’s more entertaining to have recurring villains so Rodrigo is fully capable of simply saying that the bad guy is just KO’d right now in case he has larger plans for him down the road.

  7. Question for Rodrigo or Brian: I recently went to D&D XP 2010 in Ft. Wayne and they had a pregenerated artificer at 3rd level that had the magic weapon at-will power. However, they had the bonus to adjacent allies as +1/+4. Is there a feat to add another +3 to dmg when using that power or was that a misprint? Just figured you all would be the best to ask since Brian is playing one and Rodrigo helped him create it. Thanks.

    • The stats from the artificer Magic Weapon power are actually derived from Randus’ ability scores. If Randus hits with the Magic Weapon power then his adjacent allies receive a +1 bonus to their next attack roll and a bonus to damage rolls equal to either Randus’ constitution modifier or his wisdom modifier, whichever is higher, when they attack with a weapon or implement power. Sounds like the artificer in the D&D game has some pretty stout secondary ability scores.

  8. Hi there, I really enjoy listening to your game and ongoing adventures. I Could sit here & shower you with praise all day, but you don’t want to hear that. So I will just ask my question. I’ve listened to this twice now, and I don’t know if i’m missing something, but…if the skeletons all got sucked out of the tower when the hatch got blown, Why did the torqutones climb down the outside of the tower? The inside path was safe, so why couldn’t they have gone down the less difficult inside path?

    • The inside path isn’t safe, as there are still all the traps and encounters the party had recently gone through that would have to be dealt with again (the spinning fire room, the blooby monsters coming out of the void, climbing the inside of the tower).

      • Fair enough. Sorry I said I had listened to this one twice, not that I revisited the rest of the tower seriese. I guess I just thought the other objects had been defeated. And I forgot about the fire thingee.) Thank you.

    • Hi there, I really enjoy listening to your game and ongoing adventures. I Could sit here & shower you with praise all day, but you don’t want to hear that.

      Actually, if you’ve ever met Steve and ‘Rigo, you’d know that’s EXACTLY what they want to hear. :)

      • Well, since it would be appreciated. I apologize in advance for my horrible spelling.

        You guys are fantastic in the most positive sense. Not only do you play an interesting and well run game, but you do it professionally, and with panache. First off the game is fantastic. I am truly amazed at the creativity of your Game Master. Creating the story from thin air and keeping all the little details is just amazing. The excilarchy of Cogs, the moon dieties. The different political factions that dot the landscape. I love the way the torquetones get mixed reactions with the people they meet. Not everybody welcomes them with open arms, but not everybody is a political challenge. It helps the world come alive and un predictable.

        I really like the fact that without seeming to interupt the flow of the game at all, you can slip in all the little educational and interesting tidbits for people who know nothing. I don’t know if it is amazing editing (which I am certain has something to do with it.) Or just pure showmanship, but the show flows very smoothly, yet still manages to help us understand what is going on.

        I enjoy the banter, and jokes. While your Game Master dose a herculian job at actually keeping things on track it’s nice to hear the personalities come through. It makes it more than just a story, and it helps the audience to feel more connected to what is going on. I enjoy torque and his sophisticated idiocy. I enjoy Orem and his unflagging superiority complex. (and his hatred of elves is such a huge bonus…well not hatred but distaste, either way it’s awesome.) And Smith & Randus (I’m sorry I never learned how to spell that even though i’ve been given several opportunities, I don’t pay enough attention) are such unique characters that I am always paying attention to see what they can do, and trying to figure them out.

        I love the way you are all constantly aware of the audience. Not enough to actually limit the show, or turn it into a performance. But more in the explain what’s going on to the kid who’s watching on the sidelines, curious, but confused. The little things like taking pictures of the combat. The couple of “answering questions” episodes you have done. The always explaining what the new skill, or treasure is, and where it can be found.

        Anyway, as I said I could go on all day, but I do have to get to work, so that’s all you get. Thank you for a fantstic program guys.

  9. Great episode. I am still trying to catch up to the most recent one. A quick word to Rob and Brian(DnD). For the love of all that is good and holy in this world ROLL BETTER!!!!

    Jeez. If I hear either of them miss all their attacks during an encounter again(almost all of them anyway) I am going to throw my iPhone across the room like a hungry, angry baby.

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