Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast

This episode: Who lives, and who dies? It’s all revealed (finally) in this week’s installment.


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  1. Nice resolution. A good hour of action and adventure – and a great Empire callback. I’d love some artwork of that final scene with a certain magical axe seemingly trying to break through the wall by itself.

  2. Between late night postings of your episodes/issues and the resulting urge to spend money on awesome D&D and comic stuff you guys are a big influence on my life.


    Really liked how this played out. Repercussions for failure, but still a fun story for everyone.

  3. Well honestly, that was a bit of a let down. For all of the hype and concern as to what to do, when all was said and done, everyone is fine. Well, except Randis who is missing an arm. Thats it. Still, aside from Matthew refusing to care about his characters attributes, i am really enjoying this podcast. Kudos Rodrigo

    • Still, aside from Matthew refusing to care about his characters attributes, i am really enjoying this podcast.

      I care a lot about Torq’s attributes. I do not, however, associate all of those with the numbers on the page. It’s a role-playing game, not a battle simulator. :)

      • yeah, it often pays out, to just stop for a short time and ask yourself what your character would do. somehow ignoring everything on your character sheet, can lead to the most aweaome situations.

        for example in one of your games, im playing a strenght built cleric, who likes to use improvised weapons. they are mechanically the worst weapons in the game, but what the heck? nothing as fun as beating your foe to a pulp in the name of your god, with a burning stick, you just pulled out of the campfire. :D

        i really like how youre playing torq. the classic half-orc-kicks-in-the-door-style. regardless, if its good idea by your stats.^^

  4. LOL! I liked that attempt with the Nature check!
    Oh, and nice usage of the Socerer’s Scrotum spell!

    Thanks again!


  5. Nice! I knew Rodrigo wasn’t as cold hearted and evil as Matthew keeps saying behind his back.

    I hope they all survive ‘cuz I found a grey skinned orc mini with a 2 hand battle-axe, if next week Torq is still alive I’ll buy it and send it to you guys. No horns thou, so I’ll see if I can also get a minotaur or some other mini with recurved horns to chop aff and glue on the orc mini.

  6. astrodinosaurus on

    Kinda disappointed nobody died, kinda relieved nobody died…But its not to late for that I fear…..secretly hope.

  7. I think Rodrigo let everyone off a little easy… but it’s still early in the campaign so there’s plenty more opportunity to do gruesome things to them.

    I’d love to know how the skill challenge would have gone had they been successful (also nice use of a skill challenge. If the grate led outside and that was the escape path what could they have done to not end up outside?

    BTW Rodrigo – I completely stole your skill challenge ruleset for use in my own game. It’s easily the highlight of a session for my players now. Gives the most possible creativity and doesn’t take much set up time for me.

  8. Great episode y’all. As a noob like my friend Orem in D&D and listening to you guys has helped me ease into playing.

    I about died laughing with the Star Wars reference!

    I’m looking forward to next weeks episode. Keep up the good work and Matthew….uhhhhh hit stuff for me k?

  9. Great ep guys! I’ve said it before on Twitter but I find you all endlessly entertaining and find myself looking back to my dnd groups past fondly because of your enthusiasm and comaraderie.
    I look forward to Thony giving Randis a new cool robo-arm.

    Still hoping for character sheets or DDI character files being posted for the Torkeltones. Dooo eet!

    To next week, and being one step closer to saving the world!

  10. The most interesting thing that came up as a repercussion of the whole life or death drama to me is the revelation that Smith was not only unharmed by being IMPALED ON A SPIKE, but kind of enjoyed the experience.

    The whole what the ‘eck is going on with Smith is a very intriguing little subplot.

  11. I really enjoyed the outcome that Rodrigo came up with. At first I thought, oh man, there is no way these skeletons wouldnt have just killed them. However, I appreciate him not killing off the characters because they didnt do anything stupid to get into that situation. I only like to kill off characters if they mess up but when its just an honest effort it doesnt seem fair to let them die. Well played Rodrigo, well played.

  12. I finally got a chance to listen to the ep (I hold off till my work days so I don’t die of boredom at work) and I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed the outcome and what all went into it and the unique way it was handled.

    What I am curious about now is, what is going to happen with the arm, what will the characters take from the encounter, and when will the characters from “the other half” be making a showing again.

    Another excellent episode!

  13. I figured it would be criminal if I didn’t leave a comment, given how much I have enjoyed the show. Big props to Rodrigo for his excellent story telling. I found y’all recently, after listening to D&D’s Penny Arcade edition. Now, the Wizards of the Coast have better production values, but y’all have the heart and the story.

    I have seen a few comments from folk saying they thought the crew got off too easy, and, fair enough; however, as a casual listener who has never played D&D, I thought it was cool how the story has been developing, and look forward to more casting of the pods.


  14. Hey y’all,

    Is there a place where we can see the character sheets of the people playing in this group? I would like to make a character similar to Randis and would love to see all the skills / feats / powers / stats / etc. Thanks.

    – Daniel
    P.S. Keep up the great work! Love the show. =^)

  15. Great episode. Thanks for all the DnD goodness in between sessions of my own group. I have a question about the pictures you take while you are playing. I can’t find them on the website. You keep saying they are in the show notes, but I don’t see them. Thanks and keep up the fun!

  16. I’m thinking that Randis will soon have himself a magical construct replacement arm. One of the artificer paragon paths is the Self-Forged and these guys have magical prosthetics, including a fist that can shoot off like a Shogun Warrior. Sounds like a good option for Randis (if he can survive the journey to 11th level, that is…)

    Stephen and Brian both have access to the Character Builder, right? Seems like a good way to solve the issues that Matthew and Stephen appear to be having in remembering the details of Tork’s and Oren’s various powers would be to use the Character Builder and either print (or e-mail) the character sheet with all of the power cards. The Character Builder does all of the heavy lifting and calculates all of the important details like attack and damage bonuses.

  17. Twitter Summary:

    #CriticalHit #Ep34 OR runs & spends 4 lonely hours worrying. SM wakes & sees skeleton w/arm. RD now Leftie. SkCh to pass skeleton room. (1)

    #CriticalHit #Ep34 ORST blown into clouds. SM saves w/flying spell. Now on spire’s roof. Unseen Servant to make entry hole. Not dead! (2)

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