Marvel continues to pump the Heroic Age theme coming in May with this teaser image.

Still lurking in the shadows are forces of evil and cosmic-level threats, but a new spirit of hope, courage, and the selflessness at the heart of heroism will rise up.  The most extraordinary tales will be told in this Heroic Age of the Marvel Universe.

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  1. Well at least my man Luke Cage will still be involved in some form. Nice to know they won’t be killing Mockingbird, contrary to what I heard on the internet….makes me wonder if they are going to resurrect the Avengers West Coast or The Defenders….

  2. Okay, at first, it seemed that the “Heroic Age” was kinda a company policy type declaration. A return to heroic heroes and dastardly villians and a less “leather is cool” story telling style. I was actually excited about that.

    But now it is starting to feel more and more like the next big instory event, and I am not .


  3. Its such a heroic age that Black Widow still needs to blow people away with a handgun despite the fact her bracelets probably pack as much if not more firepower…without the side effect of killing everyone

  4. I was thinking something a bit more… I don’t know different.

    Justice from the Initiative
    Ms. Marvel
    Power Man
    Quick Silver
    War Machine
    Jewel (because she is married to Luke)
    Han Pym Wasp

    Basically this is an interesting roster at least to me.

  5. Why does everybody think this has anything to do with Avengers? I presume “The Heroic Age” is going to be scattered across/over a bunch of titles, for maximum dollar-value, and so it could just be “Hey! These are some popular characters who’ll be Heroically Aged!” I mean, if this _was_ some sort of Avengers-related image, it would have a bunch of quasi-inspirational phrases splashed all over it. “I am a gorilla! I am an Avenger” “I am a strong, independant woman! I am an Avenger!” “I have red hair and a gun! I am an Avenger!”

  6. We are largely seeing the same set of characters each time though. And, since Dark Reign typified the darker age of Marvel and that was based around the Avengers, I do suspect we are seeing the new “heroic” Avengers here, with Cap/Thor/Iron Man part of this as well.

    Guess we’ll all find out together.

    • I just don’t see Ken Hale getting removed from the Atlas line-up and bumped to the Avengers…. Like, if he’s massively popular, and they want Agents of Atlas to remain a “viable commodity”, would they strip if of its greatest “asset”? Unless he’s gonna pull a Logan and exist in twelve different storylines simultaneously, but is Gorilla Man _that_ popular? (I know _I_ like him that much, and — historically speaking — my tastes differ from the “popular opinions”. Don’t think I’m knocking Ken. I’m not.)

  7. Thelastavenger on

    i actually like mockingbird’s costume and i would love it if marvel brings back the west coast avengers(even if this is not the line-up).

  8. I agree…this is not an ‘I am an Avenger’ poster, and Marvel is , bottom line, after the almighty dollar…so my guess is that this is a poster that covers various heroes from different titles (that we don’t know what titles, houses what characters yet, makes this artwork interesting).

    I feel like after what happened in Civil War, etc., the Heroic Age is probably pulling the heroes together, culminating in the statement “We are one! Love is a battlefield”. The main Avengers team could be where the heroes, representitive of various other teams (Agents of Atlas, X-men, Power Pack, etc.)come together, because the Avengers roster is going to be BIG now. The Heroic Age sounds like a unification project, considering the rift created by Civil War to Dark Reign.

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