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  1. but is it clint or lester? i kinda dug bullseye in the purple togs wrestling with the dilemma of actually being a hero. while still getting his kicks anyway. dont mind me i like changes

  2. Ah, so that’s just how the costume’s drawn. The Heroic Age shot made me think he had a robot arm and that Buckywas inexplicably taking the mantle and letting Steve have his Cap costume.

  3. astrodinosaurus on

    Isn’t Lester the epitome of a violent psychopath. That is to say he has no concept of empathy and a bad habit of stabbing people in their eyes, in front of their children… with the child’s ice cream cone. Reason? Why to get his rocks off.
    (This happened)

    …I don’t think much dilemma wrestling took place at all from Lester’s perspective
    but I might have missed it…

    Actually no, I don’t think Marvel would ever try to redeem Bullseye..Lester is the most “pure evil” character in the Marvel U…Doom and Fisk may be smarter and more powerful..But Lester is more EVIL. Killing isn’t even a path to a goal for him, he doesn’t want power or wealth he just enjoys the murdering part.

    That guy up there if he isn’t Clint is definitely not Bullseye either.

  4. I like Hawkeye from M.A.S.H.

    He can run out of “the Swamp”, bow in one hand and a glass of homemade gin in the other. Radar O’Reilly can warn him and the other Avengers when they have incoming villains…especially if they are attacking in choppers.

  5. Space Cadet Juan on

    I’ll never understand why Bendis killed off Hawkeye in Disassembled. He clearly enjoys the character, he brought him back almost immediately and has used him ever since!

    • astrodinosaurus on

      No man you don’t let them take symbols away from you no matter how they abuse it.
      You redeem it. You change things don’t let things change you…and all that other hippie garbage that needs to be said ;).

  6. I too hope this is the line up. The return of clint/hawkeye as an avenger is the only reason i will collect marvel.

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