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  1. I started off pretty skeptical, but the more I see the teasers and get the gist of the plot, the more I get interested. Smallville is taking a more “realistic” (if there is such a thing) approach to the “super-hero” concept. I’m starting to look at it more as an “Elsewhere” type of story in which the only two members of the original JSA that were able to not be in the 80’s or deceased by 2010 were Carter Hall and whoever that is with the helm of Nabu. Courtney’s still a “legacy” through a connection to Sylvester “Star Spangled Kid” Pemberton (loved the car name!)and it’s her interaction with Clark, Oliver, Jonn Jonzz, Lois and Cloe that makes the connection. Of course, on a TV budget the special effects are going to suck but hearing the line “The Justice Society lives again.” was pretty neat. Smallville could utilize the JSA theme and leave the JLA alone for whatever plans (if any) they’ve got. I’m pretty disappointed with the way the new JLA team’s being written already. It’s going to take a lot to get my interest up in that group at the level I’ve been following the JSA for the past few years.

  2. A mighty strange Fate they’ve got there.

    Next time (assuming there will be a next time for them) I want Power Girl to show up in Smallville’s JSA. Just to mess with Clark and company’s heads. Also Oliver’s libido. They might have her be a bit of a cougar, given the JSA being about a generation older (ha!) than the Smallville characters are supposed to be. I’d been thinking that they might someday do a Clark-power-transfer SuperChloe who’d call herself Power Girl, but the door is nicely open for a separate character now.

    Oh, I suppose they could do a younger Power Girl Kandorian/Clone who is some distant relation to the House of El or such neo-continuity nonsense, but better would be a proper Kryptonian PG who came from an alternate universe House of L (perhaps via the Phantom Zone) in search of a cousin who never showed up so she acclimated and joined the JSA until they retired. It might even give the writers an opportunity to have the characters collectively muse aloud about what alternate versions of themselves might exist in other universes. You know, for the fans who’ll get the references.

    Hmmm… They could even get Amanda Tapping to play the part, just to balance the Michael Shanks Hawkman.

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