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  1. Eye-Roller Lass on

    Apparently, there are no moisturizers in Oa…

    Also, is that a mullet? Okay, I get the leather pants, but the Sinestro is one Ferrari construct away from the full mid-life crisis combo.
    Well, he looks mean, that’s what really matters – in a Ming-The-Merciless-meets-leather-daddy kind of way.

  2. Guardian seems a bit tall and it seems like his head is transparent not sure about that.

    Sinestro it a bit tall as well.

    Be interesting to see how it plays out.

  3. The apparent height of the Guardians may be due to its robe being so long which gives an impression of it being tall.

    I like the head transparency because it sort of hints and contrasts with how incredibly intelligent and powerful the Guardians truly are.

    Sinestro’s costume looks a bit too reptilian for me. I don’t mind the updated facial hair, but the regular, slicked back hair has got to go. I do enjoy how the green and black combo on the legs leaves an impression akin to biker shorts. The ring’s power bleeding or transferring into his forearm is pretty neat, too.

  4. I suppose they can’t do Sinestro as-is cuz, well, he looks a tad too much like Adolf Hitler… I’m not so sure that the “Travolta from Battlefield Earth” look works, but something had to give.

  5. I think I get what they were trying to do with the Guardians’ head, make it a bit like Donna Troy’s hair and have it be semi-transparent and sparkly, but I have no idea how that would look on film (and I’m assuming with their effects budget the last thing they need is to master semi-transparent, cosmic heads). I like Sinestro’s look apart from the overly reptilian torso area and the head-hair, which is too long for someone I always consider very ‘civilized’.

  6. I actually like the guardian. Sinestro? I’d have to have context. The leather outfit thing is starting to genuinely get nauseating. The green flame job/muscle tendrils looks like some sort of adolescent testosterone fantasy. Course, that might be intentional. He is supposed to be arrogant and on his own power trip.

  7. Love all the concept art, except for Sinestro. Dear Lord, don’t give him a mullet. BTW, whats with his costume? It looks all shattered.

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