Review: Buck Rogers #8


Planet of the Apes scenario aside, Buck Rogers’ latest adventure below the surface of the planet has him in a sticky situation – allow a crazy band of trolls blow up the planet, or let his one chance of getting back home slip through his grasp.

Buck Rogers #8
Writer: Scott Beatty
Art: Carlos Rafael
Colors: Carlos Lopez
Letters: Simon Bowland
Covers: Carlos Rafael (A), John Watson (B)

The nice thing about cliffhangers, is one usually has a resolution before the next issue ends, and that’s just the case here as Buck Rogers and his friends thwart the under-dwellers from setting off the nuclear bombs.  They really didn’t want to blow up the planet, they simply wanted to create a nuclear winter to block out the sun so their hides wouldn’t burn under the harsh ultraviolet light of that big fireball in the sky.

There’s a lot of action in this issue, which is exactly what I want in my Saturday morning serials, but there did tend to be a little too much talking going on for my taste.  In a sense the dialogue only served to let the reader know that those dwelling underground were not as stupid as the came off in the last issue.  Still, the ending of this adventure should have Buck shaking just a little bit, as this marks the second time he’s brought annihilation to a whole segment of society.

Wilma Deering has her own set of problems to deal with as the sky lords of Han unveil their weapon of mass destruction that could threaten the peace between all of the tribes of Earth.  The final page of this issue does set up for the next chapter in Buck’s life, but since Buck and Wilma’s brother aren’t privy to what is going on above the surface, it seems unlikely that Buck will make it to the church on time.

It seems with each issue, the art by Carlos Rafael keeps getting better.  My many complaints from past issues have almost vanished, and we’re actually seeing work that is consistent from panel to panel, and creates a unifying look for the entire issue.

After finishing this issue, I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything wrapped.  This arc is a nice little story that has Rogers saving the Earth, even though he is on trial for possibly causing the situation the Earth is in to begin with.  The art has improved and the action is paced really well.  Buck Rogers #8 is a better than average issue and earns a solid 3 out of 5 Stars this month.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

If there was any major concern from the Dille Family Trust that Dynamite would do something to tarnish this beloved fictional character, the issues released so far should put those worries to rest.