A big hairy discussion

This issue: It starts okay, then suddenly the discussion turns to comics as a niche market for only those in the know.


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  1. I was so bummed after seeing the picture for this episode, then listened only to find out it wasn’t a discussion about all things Big Foot, Sasquatch, Harry and the Hendersons, etc.
    Still a good episode. Thought I’d give my Matthew encouraged comments/feedback.

  2. Matthew Salisbury on

    I agree with Matt about the Watchmen movie, I didn’t mind that they changed the ending from a martian attack to people thinking Dr. Manhattan being blamed, but the part I didn’t like about the movie was that Ozymandias still had a pet genetically altered pet with no longer an explanation with the changed ending. Also, I watched the movie with people who had not read the comic and they were confused because Hollywood made all the hero seem superpowered, and they didn’t explain Rorshcach mask. I was wondering if you felt that way too. One more thing too, my friend pointed out with the changed ending, it begs the question what did the comedian “see” that horrified him when he was scouting Ozymandias’ base “a big metal ball?” I think if they change the ending they need to also change some of the scenes leading up to the changed ending, wouldn’t you agree?

    anyway like the podcast keep up the good work.

  3. I think comic books wil die in the next 20-30 years, I stopped reading comics after Onslaught and Heroes Reborn. I came back after I kept seen “I’m with Ironman/Captain America/any other hero/anime character” on manga forums and learned there was some sort of “Civil War” going on in Marvel, then I learned about Infinite Crisis and I’m now back to spending too much money on comics.

    I’ve read tons of comics, wiki anything I don’t understand and still can’t fully follow what’s going on in Superman or the Avengers…

    Heck I dropped all my X-men titles because of one too many crossovers and will probably drop most of Marvel stuff if Siege isn’t at least half what Blackest Night is (which I really doubt, why did they have to ruin Thor anyway?).

    Comic books are elitist and unaccesible to anyone new, at least when it comes to the big 2, I mean just try to explain the X-men from their begining to now to someone who has never heard of them before. After a few months and several strokes he might have a vague idea of who is whom and who did what, but he’ll still have to stop every few panels to ask “who’s the guy made of metal again? And wasn’t the purple haired chick dead? I mean like half a dozen times dead dead…”.

    Same with the Legion for exemple, sure you could read Matthew’s “Hero’s History” but who wants to do homework in order to be able to enjoy your comic?

    Every on-going or multi-minis is better if you’ve read the previous issues and that will never change, add the fact that the industry isn’t even trying to get new readers and you’ll have a dead market once we lose interest after one too many “Something so huge nothing will be the same again!”

  4. Great episode. Just want to add real quick that the Watchmen: Absolute Edition is fantastic. Not only does it implement the Black Freighter story, each chapter is bookended by the “Bernie & Bernard” scenes. Also, the death of Hollis Mason (and Dan’s subsequent reaction) are also in there. Definitely worth checking out.

  5. I officially got my peanut butter with my chocolate – soaps and comics in the same podcast. :) Although if I can put my Soap Opera Guy hat on for a minute, Guiding Light was the one that’s been on ‘since the dawn of time’ (57 years on TV, started on the radio in 1937) and As the World Turns started four years later.)

    Now I just have to convince the wrestling fans that they are really watching a big soap opera and I’ll be happy. :D

    • one of the biggest things that is killing the soap opera industry is that most people don’t watch them when they air, they ‘tivo’ them and watch them all on the weekend or some such practice that doesn’t count for the Nielsens… it’s kind of like waiting for the trade and not buying the single issues.

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