Steve Jobs’ god device has arrived.  It’s called the iPad and looks to be everything we hope it would be. What does this mean for digital comics?  The device was released on New Comic Book Day… more as it develops.

3G 250MB of data transfer $14.99/month

Unlimited plan $29.99

AT&T only, which sucks for those of us with Verizon plans.  Although there is no activation or long term contracts you have to sign up for.

Price for this wonder will be $499.  What a deal! Forget buying another iPod Touch ever again.  Of course I’ll be dropping $699 for the 64GB WiFi version.  Some of you might want to drop $828 for the 64GB 3G Version with activation and monthly fees from AT&T.

Apple says they’ll have the WiFi models available in 60 days.

Check out the full video at Apple.


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  1. Very exciting. It makes me feel a bit old to see a device that Legionnaires used in the 80s become a reality ;-) kinda neat though.

    And yes, just like the iPhone, I believe that a lot of industries changed today. Don’t mean to sound like a fanboy, but Apple specializes in finding a way to fill the gaps we did not realize existed with gadgets that make sense.

    The future is here.

  2. No need, no sale. But it’ll be nice to have one of thsese twenty years from now. It’s only significant to me in that “the future is finally here” sort of way; I’m still too “middle class” (well, I’m generally as broke as a bad joke) to actually possess the future. I’m relegated to reading about it on your website. :D

  3. I’m excited for it. If I could subscribe to magazines and newspapers and view them the same way I do now with the paper copies, sign me up. I still don’t know if I’d make the switch to digital comics with this if the major publishers made them available. I still prefer the hard copy in hand.

    I wish they would have included a camera of some kind in this, if not 2 – front and back.

  4. Everything this thing does my dell convertible tablet already does. I’m not saying that I won’t get one but they left out some major things like multitasking, usb ports, a file system, flash support and a webcam. I’ll be waiting to see whtat the HP Slate brings to the table i think.

  5. This, as far as I can tell, is designed to “eliminate” e-readers the same way that the iPod “eliminated” all other mp3 players (Yes, I know it does more than just e-books, but that’s it’s “unique” feature a.f.a.i.c.t.)…. Which is kind of a curious decision, to me, given that people are more likely to buy Season 2 of “Whatever-Series-They-Watch” on DVD than they are likely to buy an actual book. I’m not really “anti-apple”, but I hope this goes the way of the Newton. It seems to be an oversized iPhone with less capabilities (lack of camera, no phone capability except whatever VOIP you might use, etc), and as such seems a bit counter-intuitive. Is Apple telling us we need to read more, and this is the device that will make reading “fun” for those who don’t like reading? I dunno, but I’m sure the appleheads are lined up around the block for it already. It remains to be seen if anybody else joins the queue. :) (I woulda posted this earlier, but I didn’t have all the facts sorted out… And a cup of coffee helped too. ^_^)

    • I’ll sum up what I read on a blog (I honestly forget where I found this tidbit, and I’m not able to dig it up right now): They’ve spent the past however-many-years convincing us that the iPod/iPhone is the perfect size, and that with ‘apps’ you can do anything on them that you could on your lap/desktop (I know that isn’t exactly true, but I’m trying to approximate the level of spin put on it). Now suddenly they have to “backsell” us on the notion that: No, the iTouch is NOT big enough! You need this bigger version that does almost as much as the little one!

      Years of “smaller is better” just suddenly went out the window?

  6. Color me unimpressed. The look is a bit awkward, specially the large bezel. For reading books, e-ink is a better technology than LCD any day of the week. It would be neat as a PMP, but with the limitations of the iPhone OS (no multi-tasking, etc.), I don’t know if it warrants the price. I always did dream of having a tablet PC…back in the 80’s when I went to college :)

    Nowadays, for my own personal use, a laptop, possibly a netbook to lug around, and an ereader are enough. You can’t really consume music in this device, I don’t want to stare at my lap watching a movie…the iPad is just not clicking for me.

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