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  1. The posters look very good, I’ll give them that. But I’m not ready to trust that movie just yet ; first off, I think Avatar made great use of its nature as a cartoon, especially when it came to jokes and funny bits. I’m really worried Sokka will end up as a Hollywood comic relief (ie “more annoying than funny”). If they aim to make the movie more grim’n gritty (and there is plenty of room for that), I hope they do it well and keep it balanced.

    And yes, I’m still concerned about M. Night Shyamalan directing. I don’t really trust him either. But since the creators of the show are onboard and apparently satisfied, I suppose there’s no need to worry that much.

    • I’m with you – I loved the series a lot (some of the best Western-produced fight animation I’ve ever seen), but what I’ve heard through Ye Olde Hollywood Hype Machine, I’m wary as well. The posters look pretty cool (especially Zuko’s), so I’ll give them that much as well.

  2. Is this movie supposed to kick off a series of live action films? If not, where is Toph? I am a bit hesitant about this as the cartoon is masterfully done. Great blend of humor and some truly touching scenes scattered throughout the series. Going to be very tough to match I think.

    • DUH. Toph doesn’t come into Book Two, anyone who knows the series knows that. Since this is the first movie, she won’t appear at all.

  3. From what I heard, this will be the movie equivalent of Book One. I expect that if it is successful enough, they’ll anounce two other films for the rest of the story.

  4. I’m not concerned at all. I have faith in M. Night’s work. I love his movies and I know that he’ll have the wrath of his kids if he messes up the fandom.

    Though I know a large majority of the fandom (at least online and on LJ) will view me as a racist for seeing this movie since I’m not furious the cast is white instead of Asian decent.

    • I’m not going to throw accusations of racism around, but I gotta admit that bugs me : this is a world that blends elements from multiple Asian cultures (China, Japan, Korea, India…). It would only make sense to have the cast be of Asian ethnicity (granted some of them are, but still). Can you imagine a kung-fu movie set in Ancient China and starring, say, Ryan Reynolds ?

      • lol this is america. they will “white” wash any foreign movie idea that comes along. and btw, the actor playing Zuko is Indian.

        • this isn’t a foreign idea, it’s a Nicktoon. I don’t have a problem with them casting white people, since the show is a cartoon and although it clearly has a lot of asian influence it doesn’t actually take place in Asia, or on any other continent on earth.

          Memoirs of a Geisha having 0 japanese actresses among the protagonists = bad.
          Unbreakable, The Last Airbender having a white lead = not a problem.

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