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  1. I am going to give it to Kitty, not only has she played a more intergral part to the X-Men mythos, but she is cute as a button.

    Also when it comes down to it, Kitty could phase her hand inside Wolverines brain and wax the crazy Canadian furball.

  2. I suspect I know what Slappy’s response will be to this. Of course, my vote is known too.

    Kitty Pryde would win because she has superior combat training, a harder edge when necessary, and a genius intellect combined with an (ahem) uncanny strategic mind.

    Phantom Girl has seen a lot of combat but it has most often been in a team effort with a dozen or so of her friends. Kitty has the edge in one-on-one experience.

    Kitty has faced off on her own against Brood, Sidri, and Emma Frost and emerged victorious. She knows how to handle herself as well one-on-one as in a team.

    And, yes, Kitty is cute. yes….

  3. Hmmm… my childhood hero when I was reading 80s X-comics versus the Legion’s cool friend-with-everyone. This is pretty damn cruel.

    Although in the Cockrum outfit, Tinya does have an advantage around these parts, so I’ll give a vote to Kitty just to give her a shot.

  4. I had to go for the underdog in this one Tinya…..and the original picture that I saw didn’t even include her… tracts of land.
    This was a hard one for me. I have a love for both characters, but partially (somewhat thanks to Matthew) I have become a huge fan of the Legion in my old age (25). Also, don’t think I didn’t notice this was just a rehash of your X-Men VS Legion of Super-Heroes poll from a while back. Oh well, as long as it doesn’t involve Rodrigo and Matthew in jello I’ll take a ticket to that fight.

    So are we going to have Kono fight the winner?

  5. I love her in Ultimate Spiderman, specialy since I was right about her current role, so Kitty Pryde all the way.

    Now lets all sit down and listen to Matthew ratinalisation on how we’re all wrong and Phantom Gril is better.

  6. Those two illustrations are really only exactly the same body and face. Kitty’s face is a bit longer and she has a tighter pelvic curve (yeah, okay, I looked). But the breasts and the rest are the same.

    That’s a bit odd since Kitty really isn’t all that buxom. But most female heroes are drawn with DDs as a rule, though I disagree with it.

    I like the Legion even more than the X-Men. I read the Legion first and they were a bit more fun to read, though not always as well-written.

    The only thing comparing these two characters is that they are both females from a team with the same power. So it has to be what separates them that gives one the edge.

    Phantom Girl has some things going for her. But in a one-on-one brutal fight to the end, Kitty is deceptively cunning and downright hardcore if she needs to be.

    I would actually bet on Kitty against many of her own teammates. Cyke could out-strategize her. Sure, the psychics have an edge but they have that over everybody (and Kitty still beat Emma!).

    And of course nobody can beat the gawd-almighty Wolverine ’cause he’s so cool and he’s got these claws, see, and ya just can’t kill him, ever!

    But Kitty is one of the most capable characters I know. … Phantom Girl, for all she has going for her, would simply lose.

  7. What the heck happened to Tinya’s costume? It’s like a stripper version! ACK!

    The nice thing about her costume — besides that she wears pants — was that her cut-outs remained modest. These things are barely covering her nips!!

  8. Okay, this artist is obviously straight. He’s turned Phantom Girl and Zatanna into porn stars, and they reeeaaally didn’t need to be. Yeah, Tinya got my vote – ‘cos she’s possibly the coolest Legionnaire of them all… And I never had a thing for Kitty. You can have her.

    • I can have Kitty? Very well, if you insist.

      Hrmm, suddenly it sounds like we’re talking about trading cards instead of women. On the other hand, these are fictional people so I guess they won’t be offended.

      In that case I’ll see if I can help her phase the same way Colossus did when they were last at the mansion together.

      Phantom Girl is a cool Legionaire. My preference goes to Shady or Shrinking Violet though.

      I have tried to vote on this poll from the standpoint of the fight though, not popularity. If it was based on my preferences, the only one who could beat Kitty would be her best friend (No, not Lockheed!).

  9. It often seems that male artists, even good ones, let their libidos overrule their common sense when it comes to drawing women.

    I suppose it must be very empowering to be able to take comic book women you like and reimagine them to your tastes. But too much of female renditions are drawn only for tantalization and not realistic representation.

    Then again, Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin are my favorite female characters… ever. Maybe the only thing allowing me to be so self-righteous is that I don’t have the talent to indulge my own imagination.

  10. Irving Forbush on

    Kitty, huh? I thought Tinya would have some advantage, what with actually phasing between two different worlds, or planes.

    Yeah, Kitty does seem a lot more cut-throat and fierce. And the Logan School of Kick-@ss doesn’t hurt. (Didn’t Luornu have her own Alien Fu? No Bgtzl Fu for Tinya, huh?)

    So where’s the image that showed up in January but not in July?

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