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  1. Yeah, this is pretty tasteless, as has been noted elsewhere. Eagle-eyed DC fans have already noted that it’s a parody of Hal Jordan, as both he and Wade Wilson are being played by the same actor soon enough; those horrible…things…hanging off his arms and flip-flopping their broken tentacle limbs are meant to be Huntress and Lady Blackhawk, ala that panel from Cry for Justice #2.

    Plus, all the rings. And the fact that it looks vaguely like a mirror-pose of the cover to Blackest Night #2 (http://geekoutonline.com/wp-content/uploads/Comic_Book_Covers/Blackest_Night/Blackest_Night_2.jpg).

    In any case, this is an incredibly stupid idea of Marvel’s – it makes them look like immature idiots while retailers are paying DC extra money to get 50 books, then send them to Marvel for one free, valuable rare cover. Any way you look at it, DC are making more out of this.

  2. Seriously you need glasses if you think that looks anything like BN 2 cover. Hell it is a stretch to even say it is a Jordan parody. Yeah DP has rings but when did Hal start wearing gold chains and assorted other bling. Did Hal suddenly start refering to himself as H.Jiddy and flashing West Side gang symbols too?

    • astrodinosaurus on

      Uh no that’s all Deadpool(And Ali G). The parody is in the “and a bottle of grappa” dialogue between Hal Jordan and Green Arrow.

    • astrodinosaurus on

      Heh guess you knew that then ;) (The cover references something Hal Jordan allegedly did..as told in Cry for Justice)

    • I see the resemblance, but my thought is “Why?” Ali G was moderately funny back like 5-6 years ago, why would they model him after that?

    • I’m about as big a fan of “pimp culture” as any other white thirtysomething dude, and…. well… This is just kinda lame. Sorry D. Pooly. but Kirby’s nailed it: You done shark-jumped, Fonzie.

    • You can’t blame Deadpool though. Blame the idiots who thought this was a good idea but whether the character is getting used in ridiculous ways or not, he was appealing to most of us for some reason or another, hopefully he can stay a quirky character without being another Marvel Zombie-esque thing where they do the same thing over and again until nobody likes the idea anymore.

  3. Siege issue or not, a third variant cover that almost no one will get their hands on gives them space to have fun. I think the Ali G rendering of Deadpool is too much fun. Deadpool is comic relief for an event that’s going to be quite serious. I wonder what DP’s version of “Booyah shakkah, check yourself before you wreck yourself” would be.

  4. I think it is funny. If my LCS were to sell it for the same price as a regular issue I would buy it. I don’t care if people think it is a parody of Hal Jordan to me it is funny b/c DP is always trying to be cool and get all the ladies. This is the same kind of humor that is in Deadpool’s main title.

  5. Ah, Deadpool. The “Spider-Man” the ’90 always wanted. Your going to be overexposed like the living testosterone with claws, aren’t you? ;D

    This is a really “Dick” move by Marvel. I wonder if editorial has anything to do with this?

  6. Deadpool is the metanarrative-mocking character anyway, so it’s perfect for him to be on the cover of “ohh…we’re being serious again” Blackest Dark Seige Night event. As to DC making more than Marvel on this one, I was under the impression that the 50 DC books were leftover issues that would have already been purchased?

  7. On a lighter note…a J. Scott Campbell work is always pretty cool.

    Although deadpool’s right hand looks like it belongs to the woman.

  8. Tom Breevort is one a Facebook friend and it just seems like every other status post is some kind of adolescent jab at what USED to be known as the Distinguished Competition. I’m wondering how badly DC must be beating Marvel in sales to the point where this kindergarden “poopieface” stuff is becoming company line. Is this the white gloved hand of Disney at play?

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