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This episode: OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod!!!


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    • Soooo I know I am way behind the curve hear in listening to this months after its original post but I simply cannot refrain from commenting at this point. I find some of these encounters extremely frustrating to listen to. Sometimes the monsters are just way overpowered for the level of the player characters. The encounter on the rooftop comes to mind. I think maybe I have a different philosophy of DMing than Rodrigo because it almost always feels like He is trying to kill the entire party, not to mention that its kind of hard to tell a story cooperatively when the entire party is wiped!!!! I just don’t get it, and the sinister laughter of Rodrigo doesn’t help either.

      Either way, I love this podcast and will continue to rate it with 5 stars. I hope by the time I catch up the party will have learned to include all their bonuses and effects to their rolls.

      Just kidding….kind of.

  1. …cliffhangers. They make you sad inside.

    I hope they don’t die, and even if they do, I hope it won’t be the last episode. D:

  2. I hate cliffhangers…

    I hope they live, then again I know others eppies are comming after this one since I listened to the Listener’s Feedback, but they could continue with new characters or the ones they had during “How the other half lives”.

    I’m with Matthew, an Alamo/Hot Gates kind of death is what I would have gone for.

  3. Much love and gratitude to you wonderful folks; particularly to Rodrigo due to content. This might be invalid input due to edition but I am compelled to say;

    Quick Draw
    Tier: Heroic
    Prerequ.: Dex 13
    You can draw a weapon (or an object, such as a potion, stored in a belt pouch, a bandolier, or a similar container)as part of the same action used to attack with the weapon or use the object.
    You also gain a +2 feat bonus to initiative checks.
    source: Player’s Handbook

    • Yeah… I don’t mind Rodrigo’s house rules, but I admit I was a little fustrated when Torq wasn’t allowed to quick draw the potion. Oh well, there’s plenty of times that I’ve misunderstood a rule and knocked a party out – it happens to everyone!

  4. Dang. That’s just cruel, leaving us hanging like that for a whole week. That was one hell of a fight. I wonder if Rodrigo had foreseen this happening : I mean after that many encounters, with their dailies and healing surges gone, the party was bound to find it hard.

    All things considered, if I were in Stephen’s place, I would actually have Orem flee. Yes, he has slowly become attached to the others, but still, this is a pretty desperate situation. Plus, he ca

  5. Dang. That’s just cruel, leaving us hanging like that for a whole week. That was one hell of a fight. I wonder if Rodrigo had foreseen this happening : I mean after that many encounters, with their dailies and healing surges gone, the party was bound to find it hard.

    All things considered, if I were in Stephen’s place, I would actually have Orem flee. Yes, he has slowly become attached to the others, but still, this is a pretty desperate situation. Plus, he can always go get Thony and come back to shut the tower down. Not to mention the fact that if they’re ALL dead, who’s going to continue the war against the Void ? And to finish, if Orem flees, then the guilt and shame he will experience will make for excellent roleplaying and character development. What if the others survive and Orem has to earn their forgiveness ? Wouldn’t that be cool ?

  6. Ugggh! Cliffhanger. Well, take it as a compliment that I’m frustrated because I don’t know what happens next and I have to wait a whole week to find out. Considering the situation, I think Orem should flee.

    I take it if they all die we won’t find out the resolution of the character-related plot threads. E.G. What’s going on with the Fey Wild and What’s the deal with Smith and his relation to the Void. That’ll be a bummer!

  7. Whoa whoa whoa!! Epic episode. A DM’s dream and nightmare to have a group at the brink of death. One thing though, the rules state that all AOE abilities require that you roll an attack for each enemy in the area. When you critted with the skeletons death ability, I think you hit everyone with that one crit roll. When in actuality I think it shouldve been multiple attack rolls which would mean some of the guys might have been missed and still been up?? Great show. Very hard decision for any player to decide when to cut their losses.

      • Whoops, forgot about that one. I guess its only in times like those that you would hope that rule didnt apply. I guess Torq wouldnt have got his double crit on his sweeping strike either. Although he prolly wouldve rolled a crit anyway. :)

      • I disagree that it would slow down combat significantly. How much longer would it take to roll a d20 2 or 3 more times? Roll damage on the first to hit roll, then just point to each enemy that you are trying to hit. If you know what your bonus modifier is, it’s simple addition… What are you doing that it takes so very long to roll a d20? I personally pick up the die, point to who I’m rolling against and then let fly… 5 seconds at most per roll. It can’t possibly take longer than having to explain to Torq each round what his to hit modifier and damage is each round. ;-)

        Besides, the one character that has the most area effect attacks is Orem, and Orem is exceptionally quick in making his decisions compared to the others (current cliffhanger aside). If you timed each player on how long they take to go through their actions, you will find “the newbie” is by far the fastest… What harm would it be to have him take a little extra time to do his area effects based upon the official rules?

        Now, don’t take me wrong, I find all of this very enjoyable to listen to… especially
        Torq (despite what the above dig may imply). I just find this particular house rule far too much an “all or nothing.” It makes the AoE powers too… neutered. I don’t know if what I’m saying makes any sense… I for one, will not be adopting this particular house rule (if that wasn’t already obvious).

        I’m sure all of my points have been made before, and bottom line, you have to make decisions that makes sense for your group. So, just chalk up the above to just another person that cringes every time this happens in your podcast. It won’t keep me from listening, however, you guys are just too amusing. :-)

  8. im only on 17 and not sure if you guys fixed this yet but. I know Rodrigo is the DM but the Players Hand book states that if an enemy is bloodied in one shot from its Max HP it is known as slaying outright (P. 288 under Coup De Grace)

      • okay it just didn’t specify and my thinking was a Coup de grace was against a creature that was helpless (unconscious) mainly when they hit 0 HP which they would be dead anyway. O and by the way thanks cause I am starting a text abse game online with a couple friends and am playing an Eladrin Wizard.

  9. astrodinosaurus on

    This has to happen———————–

    Orem has been infected by the savagery of the 3/4 Orc, and devises a smart yet aggressive strategy of shooting whilst retreating, drawing the opponents away from his fallen comrades…Well 2 of them anyway since he has to blast Tork along with the skeliatons. BUT WAIT as the skeletons have been defeated the 3 wounded party members find that the blast fractured the potion and the contents have seeped out onto the Orc! ..Urhh ah think I could use sum..uhrr funnelcake. ITS A MIRACLE OF STUPID!

    This happens right?..RIGHT!——————-

  10. Great episode. I started listening to the podcasts about 4 months ago with episode 0 and have been catching up during my work commute. Today, I finally got to episode 32 and it ends with a cliffhanger, and a potential TPK cliffhanger at that??? I’ve become majorly spoiled by being able to just start the next episode when the current one ends. (It’s kind of like the benefit of only reading dead authors — you don’t ever have to wait for the next book to come out. Although, with Robert Jordan that didn’t really work out.) Anyway, now I have to wait until the next show uploads, which sucks. Maybe I’ll eat some funnel cakes in the meantime.

    BTW, glad to see that in the last several episodes, you guys have finally (just about) fixed all the missed bonuses, class features, weapon powers, etc. As a 4E player, I can’t tell you how frustrating it was driving my car, screaming to no one, that Orem forgot to add his wand’s enhancement bonus or use wand of accuracy, or Torq forgot to mark somebody. Good job and great podcast. I’ve listened to a couple different live play podcasts, and this is easily the best and one of the few that does it successfully. Keep it up. Now, off to iTunes to leave a fantastic 5-star review!

  11. Leave no party member behind.

    To quote Disturbed, “Looking at my own reflection. When suddenly it changes. Violently it changes. Oh no, there’s no turning back now. You’ve woken up the demon in me.”

    Unshealth that sword Orem!

  12. ok, I am way behind here, but i wish I could see the images, because I’d like to know the position of the fire skulls. if they are close enough together, a hypnotic pattern could keep them back long enough to get someone back on their feet (probably Torq). it would give a round of breathing room, at least.

    additionally, i do have an issue with the “TPK” DM mentality. it makes the game too stressful for the players. a good balance for a hard (imo) is an encounter where if the players flub more than two or three rolls, they are in serious danger. these guys rolled pretty decently throughout the combat. i think they’re either getting too mich piled against them, or rodrigo has a specific resolution on how to beat them that the players just aren’t looking for, or know to look for.

    and as a final nitpick, i hate it when people compare WoW to D&D. apples and oranges. i always hold that WoW is ROLL-play, D&D is ROLE-play. that being said, i laughed when stephen complained that rodrigo wouldn’t give him a hint as to how the enemies would act, considering that i’m pretty sure WoW doesn’t do that either.

    so all complaints aside, i am loving this podcast! i’m frantically trying to catch up. i have noticed a glaring weakness in the party: you guys need a warlord. i have played a warlord, you guys need one to round out your party’s abilities, trust me on this. hope that comes along at some point, because the whole point of a warlord is to stand in combat with the fighter, and move everyone into advantageous positions. also doubles as a mini-healer. you need a Leader class.

  13. Twitter Summary:

    #CriticalHit #Ep32 Life-changing battle w/Exploding Skeletons. It goes very badly indeed. TQ, SM, & RD are taken down. Don’t stab the bomb.

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