Zenescope Entertainment has made a name for themselves by retelling classic children’s fairy tales with sexy and horrifying twists. The monthly “Grimm Fairly Tales” title has tackled everything from the Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Andersen. With the success of the spin off Wonderland series (which is currently wrapping up with “Escape from Wonderland”) the company now sets its sights on J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan.

neverlandCOVER.jpgNeverland #0
(W) Joe Brusha
(A) Jean Paul DeShong

(C) Eric Basaldua

“Neverland” #0 is written by Joe Brusha with art by Vic Durichio. A kidnapping, the whereabouts of Wendy Darling and a mysterious man with a hook (all taking place in the modern world) are just some of the things that await us in this issue. Our story opens with a chase of cat and mouse between a terrified young boy and a mysterious person in the dead of night. Unfortunately for the boy, his attacker catches up to him. His identity is never revealed and the only glimpse we see of the man is razor sharp teeth. When the police show up at the boy’s house later to investigate, they find something that is described as “pixie dust”.

We are shown a familiar face in Wendy Darling who is caring for her nephews, John and Michael. While walking the boys to school, they are approached by a homeless man with a hook begging for money. Wendy turns the man away; perhaps his hook brings back old memories? Michael however feels sympathy for him and gives him his milk money. The man makes a phone call with the change and we learn that his name is Nathan Cross.

In the next panel, readers are given their first glimpse of Neverland. A man holding a black bag and a woman arrive at the castle. Although we never get a really good look at either of them, it appears that they are in fact Peter and Tinker Bell (the wings give it away for Tink). Tinker Bell is dismissed by her master and the contents of the bag are taken to a dungeon. Peter sits upon the throne and a man by the name of Fenton appears. Fenton informs Peter that he has discovered where Wendy is.  The issue closes with Peter revealing his plans for Wendy and you’ll have to pick up the issue to find out what they are. The book also contains psychology reports on Nathan Cross along with character sketches of Hook, Peter, Tiger Lily, Tinker Bell, the Croc, Wendy, John and Michael.

I think everyone has some sort of memory connected to Peter Pan. Whether it’s reading the original book, watching the Disney adaptation or the Robin Williams/Dustin Hoffman movie “Hook”, we all have a soft spot for the mythology. I was really excited when Zenescope announced this series and so far, so good. I feel that there is great promise. Joe Brusha’s story telling is smooth and informative. I never once felt bored with the events that unfolded. I found them greatly interesting. I personally always love bonus content such as “journals” and such when it comes to comics or other products. It is a great way to give readers back stories on characters and we learn some very intriguing details regarding Nathan. Artist Jean Paul DeShong also gets my two thumbs up.

I give Neverland #0, five stars.

Rating: ★★★★★


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  1. I don’t believe they set a street date for it yet … but soon is the word at

    And Peter isn’t playing for the heroes this time. >:)

    Awesome review. Looks like Zenescope has another Wonderland type hit on their hands!! I can’t wait to get my hooks … er … hands on them.

  2. The art was absolutely awful in this book. Very BAD. I just could’nt get around it. Looks like the guys never seen a real hand in his life.

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