Detective Comics #27 up for auction


Purchased in 1960 for $100, Detective Comics #27 could fetch more than $300,000 when it goes up for auction on February 27, 2010.

This clean, beautiful copy really delivers when it comes to eye appeal. As far as this issue is concerned, most seasoned Golden Age collectors would be prepared to accept any number of flaws, but they will find only inconsequential ones, and none that mar the very strong impression you get the moment you lay eyes on the book. Issue #27’s solid yellow background is ordinarily very prone to smudging, yet this copy somehow avoided it. The red block with the Detective Comics logo also discolors easily, and is almost never seen as the solid block you see here without a color break marring it somehow! Also, note the absence of spine splits, creasing, and most other things that are known to mar comic books of this vintage. We can only encourage the prospective bidder to examine the scans of other unrestored Detective #27 copies in our online auction archives to fully appreciate how unusual this copy is.

The only reason the book received an 8.0 certification is the off-white pages from sitting around for 70 years.  Still, it is impressive to find a copy in such good condition, and it always makes me wonder where these items have been stored.  Considering this issue was purchased as a collector’s item in the ’60s, I’m sure the issue was well cared for.  Still, I would love to stumble across a huge collection of comics that had been cared for since their original purchase.

via Heritage Auctions