From this Marvel teaser, it looks like the Second Coming is scheduled for March 11, 2010, and it will be an X-Men event with a $3.99 cover price.

Pencils & Variant Cover by DAVID FINCH

via Marvel


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  1. By Golly….has Professor Xavier really fallen that far out of favor that Magneto takes his spot in the X-Men cabinet?

    • astrodinosaurus on

      I actually think this is more about who will be Mutant Supreme…And Xavier is all right with Scott so he wont challenge him..Those two others though might want to get a word in.

  2. I think I’m just high on crack, so don’t pay too much mind to what i’m ’bout to say… But, with this whole “Second Coming” thing, anybody else getting the notion it’s tied to “Messiah CompleX”? And if _THAT’S_ the case, then I’d bet that this here little mega-event-crossover-thingee is alll about a girl named Hope, and the notions that the three pictured above might have to impart to young Hope. I.e., Magz is gonna be all “You can lead us to mutant superiority”, Scotty is gonna play the “mutants are peace-loving, happily co-existing lifeforms”, and Emma-boo will probably lay down a “Do what’s good for YOU, dahhhling” vibe. Then we’re gonna find out Hope has a mind of her own, and everybody’s gonna go “Oh @#*$. We left her with Cable. How did we not see this coming?”

    • astrodinosaurus on

      I have a new theory that maybe Hope wont be up for the whole apartheid thingy.
      And in that lies the conflict. Which could mean those three might be a united front against Cable, Xavier and Hope? …At least that would be interesting..But alas I bet the next pic we see will feature Sinestro and yet another one will feature X-villain, Z-villain, Y-Villain…

    • Does that mean Clint Eastwood plays him in the next movie?

      P.S. I hereby give this a nomitation for “Funneh of da week”. Just cuz, well, Magz DOES look like a crabby old fart. Like, “I had to walk uphill to and from school, barefoot in the snow, thirty miles each way” kinda crabby old man. It’s unintentionally high-larry-us. :D

      • Priceless! I didn’t see it until you guys pointed it out, but he does have “grumpy old man” look on his face.

        “My belt is too tight! This helmet smells funny and i can’t hear with it on! Matlock is on!” ;)

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