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  1. zzzzzzzzzz…*snort*…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zatanna…zzzzzzzzzz….*SNORT*…whaa..

    Oh, I’m sorry. Did Marvel announce something?

    Not really?



  2. I think Jeph Loeb’s mission is to build towards Blackest Hulk. We’ve got Green, Red, Gray, and Blue (in the mini-hulk strips). He needs to give us a Pink, a Orange and hmmm…. Oh, let’s go with White Hulk. They will unite to fight Hulkron, the Death Hulk. He’s like the Black Flash, only for The Strongest Ones There Are. ;)

    • Wow…after what Marvel pulled with Spiderman and Mephisto this idea you are jesting about sounds like something off of Marvel’s house of ideas.

  3. Big Money B.G. on

    I want to see Jeph Loeb on another Ultimate book so little, I have to drink incredible amounts of hard liquor to forget this is even happening.

    Go ahead, Marvel. Use that in your advertising. The very top of the first TPB’s back cover would look nice.

  4. BiffordMichael on

    Right now there three Ultimate Comics comics a month and I think the goal is that there will be 4 ULTIMATE-ly (ha ha), I can drop ’em all and save 16.00 bucks a month…


  5. It’s like a mish-mash on the lines of the original X team, except with a blond-haired Wolverine instead of Cyclops. Punk gal with Jean Grey-like powers, black dude with dark “Angel” wings, Torch gal instead of ice-man and Grey Hulk instead of the original Beast.

    I still say it’s a gimmick infringement on TNA’s Ultimate X match.

  6. So the in-comic adsplash pages for this thing are all “the mystery begins in February”, and it’s a Jeph Loeb joint, and, like, HE HASN’T EVEN RESOLVED THE RED HULK “MYSTERY” YET. That seems to be a case of ordering a sequel before you get to the end of the first movie, doesn’t it? Maybe not, I dunno… >_<

  7. I think the Wolverine look-alike kinda looks like Clint Barton for some reason, and are we supposed to call Grey Hulk, Grulk? I can never keep up with that stuff.

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