No $h!t Sherlock – Downey not down for Aliens and Cowboys


The Los Angeles Times (yes, it is still around) has news that isn’t good for the Platinum Studios Cowboys and. Aliens movie.  Robert Downey Jr. won’t be putting on a cowboy hat and fighting it out with visitors from beyond.  Instead, speculators believe Downey is gearing up for a new Sherlock Holmes film.  While Jon Favreau appears to still be on board, for now the Iron Man team of director/actor won’t be using their six shooters to stop and alien invasion.

While a sequel to Sherlock Holmes would be welcome, with the coming release of Iron Man 2, I can’t help but wonder if Downey isn’t saving himself for a third Iron Man film, or better yet, the Avengers flick.  If Sherlock Holmes 2: Gaslight Boogaloo is greenlit, it would go into production in June.

via Los Angeles Times