Because You Demanded It! Kitty Pryde returns this March in Uncanny X-Men #522—but how? And what does this mean for the X-Men? Don’t miss a single issue of Uncanny X-Men!

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  1. Y’know when Kitty saw Colossus again in Astonishing and she just had that silent, awestruck look on her face? …. Yeah. … Me.

    It is the single best piece of news I have received in two years. Life has meaning again.

    I will buy all the copies. I will bag and board 98, read one over and over until it falls apart, and the final issue will be for me to hold at night. … Okay, maybe that’s a step too far. (or maybe not)

    Is the last image the cover of Issue #522? I did not recognize it.

    Bring her back just in time to DIE!

  3. I wonder if there was a cage match between myself and Slappy if it would make a post on Major Spoilers? That’d be a good youtube video.

    Slappy would be wearing the trunks with Kitty’s face on them, with little X’s for eyes and her tongue lolling out like a dead…um, kitty.

    I would be the guy standing over Slappy with my hand raised in victory, my copy of UXM #522 raised high in the other hand. ;-)

  4. And if it was just a time thing, I don’t see why her best friend, Illyana, didn’t save her. I’ve been wondering that anyway.

  5. It’s good news because she’s a great character. I just hope they don’t bring her back as some lame temporary villain. That would suck.

    • That’s right. Now we can get some good characters and stop spending all our time on talking about how cool and tough Wolverine is. Glad you realize it. ;-)

  6. Kitty saved the Earth in Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men #1 (June 2008) by phasing a mile-long bullet, launched at the Earth from the Breakworld, through our planet. Although there was no evidence she was dead, for a reason I can’t explain no one saved her.

    But she was never confirmed dead. And later Emma Frost picked up her psychic signature.

    As for Kitty returning as a villain, yeah, that wouldn’t make any sense at all. If I was her I might wonder why not one of the magic-wielding, time-bending, space-faring heroes came and got me but it wouldn’t be like her to go all Dark Willow on us.

    It is the slight unrealism of death and radical personality changes that bothers me about comics. But Kitty wasn’t dead so none of that applies here.

  7. I you remember, the bullet had a foolproof defense that made anyone who even thought about stopping it brain dead. All the top heavy hitters of the Marvel U were neutralized by it (Doc Strange, the Sentry, the Fantastic Four…). The only one who could stop it was Kitty, because she was already in. But in order to phase it, she had to permanently bond with it : this alien metal reacts strangely with her powers. She can’t break the bond herself, if she ever did the bullet would stop phasing and could destroy a planet, if not several, and the bullet can’t be stopped.

    Cyclops ends the argument with “They’ve tried. Which is not to say they won’t keep trying, but…” So there ya go.

    • That had to be one of the laziest ways to make her ‘die’. Oh look, a magic bullet that breaks the laws of physics and has ‘special defenses’ (makes fingers wave around) that no one can stop. I used to have such respect for Joss, but that was stupid beyond belief. I get that comics bend things, but the fact that his whole run led up to “that”? Lame. So lame i stopped reading it and won’t read it until he’s long gone.

      • Joss hasn’t been writing Astonishing X-Men since that issue. The title is currently being written by Warren Ellis.

        It would be pretty difficult to write a scenario where a single projectile is threatening Earth and only one, lesser powered, character out of all of Earth’s heroes is in a position to stop it. I think he wrote it as well as it was going to happen.

  8. I read that issue after it was common knowledge that Kitty was gone and I immediately thought “she’s not dead.” She was never killed so it makes sense that they’re bringing her back. It would be interesting if the bullet has someone altered her powers and what her relationship with Colossus will be, since he’s already grieved her. I hope that Fraction is still writing UXM at this point b/c he’s a big reason why I think this return could not totally suck.

  9. Joss Whedon wrote Kitty is a realistic and fascinating manner. He really captured her essence without beating us over the head with it.

    Matt Fraction is also a great writer. I am looking forward to his writing for her.

  10. Does anyone else still remember Kitty’s “Off the Fourth Wall Reviews” from rec.arts.comics back in the 80s and early 90s?

    I think I still have some of the printouts [and some of Kid Dynamo…]


  11. More than likely her return will have something to do with Magneto. Giant metal bullet, guy with magnetic powers.

    I mean first Magneto pops back up into the X-books, then not long after they announce the return of Kitty Pryde, last seen inside a giant metal bullet. Put two and two together.

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