If you’re one of the idle rich, who laze away the day by the pool, hang with the beauties, and get a lot of press for being rich, but by night you are a secret avenger, striking fear into the hearts of men, having a manservant who can keep your secret, yet help you out in your quest for justice is a top priority.

Alfred Pennyworth has been the Batman’s batman for years and has patched up the Dark Knight more times than we can count.  Likewise, Edwin Jarvis began catering Tony Stark, but eventually found himself waiting hand and foot on anyone who stopped by the Avengers Mansion.  Both butlers have extensive military experience, and both know how to keep a stiff upper lip, but in a fight, who would emerge victorious?


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  1. I always liked Jarvis but Alfred was a guiding force in the creation of the Batman mythos. Jarvis is a really great guy who sometimes is a Skrull.

    easy choice, imo

    • “Jarvis is a really great guy who sometimes is a Skrull.” LOL. I need to post that on my facebook status right now. Edwin Jarvis is no slouch, but he can’t compare to Alfred, the “grandfather” figure of the entire Bat-family.

  2. Alfred all the way, it’s not even a thing, Alfred. He’s not only Batman’s servant but also his father/best friend. Iron Man/Avengers with no Jarvis? Not a problem, Batman/bat-family without Alfred? end of the world as we know it!!!

  3. I can’t believe Wong (Dr. Strange’s man-servant) didn’t make the cut. He used to be in line to become sorcerer supreme. I guess he’s no Alfred, but one hell of a man-servant none the less.

  4. Is Alfred the one with the mustache? Either way, I can’t believe the guy on the right is wearing white socks with gray pants — tacky tacky tacky (and it cuts the line of his trousers, making him look shorter).

    And cuffs? Again — it just cuts the visual line and shortens the body….

    Doesn’t Alfred watch What Not to Wear?????

  5. I voted Alfred, but I’m not sure I was honest. Thanks to the whole 2010-year-of-Spider-Man-thingie, my nerd rage has been acting up. It might have affected my judgement. ;p

  6. I’m less interested in who would win in a fight than who could make a better sandwich.

    Perhaps the women from BBC’s How Clean Is Your House could determine which is tidier, Wayne Manor or Avengers Mansion.

    My vote went initially to Alfred; however, I don’t think he ever had to deal with anything like cleaning up after one of Hercules’s parties.

  7. Alfred is Bruce’s emotional rock, to patch him up after a gruesome night on the town.

    As for Jarvis, he fixes drinks, cleans up Tony’s hangover leftovers, and gets kidnapped.

    A real tough choice here.

  8. astrodinosaurus on

    Jarvis tends to just stand there when Stark goes crazy with power/douchebaggy-ness/Jack Daniels… Whereas Alfred is 50% of what made Bruce Wayne Batman. He raised him, taught him and has the stones to clear out whenever Bats goes nuts. Capable, dependable and he once took down a Predator. AND YES io9 is a great website!

  9. It’s CRAZY how alike they both look. I mean, take away the moustache and they could be twins! Wait a minute?!? Hmm… Man Servant Crime Fighting Duo! I can see the mini-series NOW!

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