Doctor Who The End of Time

This issue: Matthew and Stephen share their thoughts on the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and dive in to the last three episodes of the David Tennant Doctor Who Episodes.

NOTE: Several of the Legion of Major Spoilerites submitted comments for this show AFTER we recorded the episode, so they are not included here.  We will include them in the next issue of the Major Spoilers Podcast.  As a reminder, The Major Spoilers Crew records all episodes for the week on Tuesday evenings.


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  1. The giant ring is a medical device that repairs cells according to a generic genetic code (Human, Dalek, cat…), The Master reprogramed the machine to overwrite human DNA with his own, not a generic time lord DNA but his specificly.

    A similar device was used in Torchwood, it was nanomachines thou in that case.

  2. Just wanna say two things…

    I. Can’t wait for Moffat, ’cause one of my favourite scenes is the death of River Song….I really liked the idea of that character and how she ended was tearfull…so Moffat go on (although I’m curious how he will solve her return with the new Doctor)

    II. Hearing you discussing the farewells to his companions I had the idea, how great it would’ve been if the Doctor wouldn’t help them once, but would use his last “life-force” to help them until their death as a kind of guardian angel (could be a great scene for the end of the series, with the last incarnation of the Doctor helping his former compagnions until the last one dies, so he can finally rest – although it would need an eternity for helping Jack….)…I really like that thought

    III: Who else wanna see a “Captain Jack (+ Midshipman???) Space Adventure” Series?

      • Captain Jack will die, we even know when, remember Captain jack = The Face of Beau.

        While it is highly suspected that Jack is the Face of Boe, it’s also explicitly stated that the Face is MILLIONS of years old… Even with all the time-tripping in him, Jack has a long time to go, and isn’t really Jack if that particular chunk of timey wimey is true.

  3. astrodinosaurus on

    (The Holmes(es?) are country aristocrats..Its Victorian England…Older brother inherits estate…Doesn’t mean he uses it ;)

    Great review you hit (almost)all the major points exactly, its faithfully but doesn’t pretend to be cannon instead its really an amalgamation of several pretty much cram in as much action as possible of course. And yes Irene Adler could be controlled by Moriarty..its Moriarty! He is the Moriarty of Kaiser Soze’s. And we were all fooled by the Lestrade swerve. But the plot didn’t bother you guys? To me it seemed sorta faltering. I mean Guy Ritchie is known for doing a lot of these convoluted crime-comedies that actually turn out to be pretty tight and well thought out…This sorta just went…yeah it wasn’t magic but you already knew that.

    And I never got why/how/who? the ritual fit into anything?
    One last thing the Amadeus Cho-Slow-Mo is actually shown to go wrong..but a different kind of wrong..I think its in the subtext that Holmes actually hangs Blackwood in the end intentionally…so yeah there’s that.

  4. A few points.
    1. Captain Jack may be the face of Boe. When recruited by the time institute, he was the poster boy for the Boeshane Peninsula. Whether he truly will be the face of Boe, only time will tell.
    2. Some companions were from the future. Zoe is from the future as are Jenny, Leela and River Song. Considering they are Time Lords, we do not know where Romana or Susan fit in (Even though I believe they are the women we saw covering their eyes in the “End of Time”)With such divergence in time being a non-linear track but more of a Round Pool to jump in, he can go anywhere, anywhen and help out a companion. None shall truly die as long as it is not crossing his own personal timeline as evidenced when he saw Rose & Jackie at the end of his “Life”.
    3. As the doctor spoke before about his family being dead. They may be stuck in the Time Lock and as good as dead for all intents and purposes. Remember, we saw a couple Torchwood members and a Dalek stuck in a Time Lock until the Dalek was destroyed by the Human Doctor in “Journey’s End”.

    4. As for me, I would love to see Jenny return as a companion at sometime.

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