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This episode: The Party is inside the tower, and something is about to come out of the darkness. Will they attack the darkness, or will it devour them?


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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. Listening to the Podcast right now. Horrible aberrations from beyond the moon ! It’s gonna be awesooooome.

    Who’s that on the photo ?

  2. I want that box of die. :p

    Critical Hits has been my podcast of choice at night, just before I go to sleep.

    I was a regular player of DnD before I phased out and would like to get back into it. :)

  3. Cool show, for a moment I thought Rodrigo was pulling he old “fighting evil versions of yourself” bit. But it was your run of the mill unspeakable, nightmarish abomination from Hell’s darkest corner.

    Quick question: Matthew why do you waste your super powers on D&D rolls? Buy a few loto tickets and buy a proper Majorspoilers mansion for the team already.

  4. Wow Orem was one bad M*F*er in this one, zapping, and stabing vratures from the dark, and the “it’s that all you got” after the attacks moment w
    as awsome, on the down side, i’m sure Orem it’s gonna be all “yes i’m all that” for a while

  5. Rodrigo, you must be the master of patience. I know i have had a few complaints about my player turns taking a long time, but at times, Matthew has had turns over 3 minutes. I love matthew as an RPer, he is one of the best, but forgetting his weapon damage at this stage in the game is kind of unacceptable. We made some combat cards with the exact weapon damage to make things easier. Because everyone in my group would want to add their +5 to dmg and then read the card and say, “Oh, I am supposed to add my strength modifier too”, even though all that is already added in. Anywho, very good podcast this week and congrats to Orem for owning those evil dark blobs with his sword. That was pretty bad-arse.

    • Rodrigo, you must be the master of patience. I know i have had a few complaints about my player turns taking a long time, but at times, Matthew has had turns over 3 minutes. I love matthew as an RPer, he is one of the best, but forgetting his weapon damage at this stage in the game is kind of unacceptable.

      Bear in mind, our RP sessions tend to be weeks, sometimes MONTHS apart, and I’m still learning the way things work in 4th Ed…

      Of course, that said, even if I had a solid paper sheet, these numbers aren’t my focus in a roleplaying game, and they never will be. That’s not why I’m on board with these games, I’m in it for the fun, and Rodrigo does a fine job of filling in for my weakness on that level.

      • I respect your opinion on that. I wish I could have a talented RPer in my game as well. However, consider this: Rodrigo and most DMs spend 3-4 hours between each session making encounters, creating stories, studying up on monster stats to make each session fun and flow smoothly. I always have thought that each player in my group could at least take 20-30 minutes per month to look over his/her own character and be ready to go the next time we play. I feel disrespected if I can’t get that minimum commitment from my players.

        • ROB: As an FYI Rodrigo collects all our character sheets at the end of every session. I don’t know what Matthew does, but I know without my sheet, I’m pretty much reacquainting myself with Orem each time we sit down at the table.

  6. Great show as usual. I would like to know more about the monsters involved in the fights. Perhaps the post episode writeup could include the monster stat blocks. Rodrigo presents the RP aspects of the monsters in excellent detail but I get to the end of the fight and wish I had a bit more info on the technical challenge aspect.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. The players are definitely getting to the point where they really should remember not only their own stats, but how to derive them, so that even if they forget where they wrote them, they can crunch them out again. That’s partially why before we start every session I ask them if they have questions about their stats.

    as far as monster writeups, I’m trying to get into the habit of saying where you can find the monsters in the various manuals.

  8. Hey I just recently stumbled on these podcasts and am loving them, great job! (especially great job considering how much I dislike 4th Edition, the RP present here is fantastic and the DM’ing with the skill challenges and fluid character interactions is definitely something to be strived for)

    Now I realize May 8th 2010 apparently shattered the virtual world and sucked in many of the pictures I have heard of, however I noticed there are links here to pics and was wondering if some of the pics survived or not? (if so apparently I am having troubles viewing them, if not sorry for poking at your sore spot Steve)

    • The links to the images are there, but the images are not on the server. If I ever find them it should be a simple matter to upload them to the correct directory and bingo! But, I wouldn’t hold my breath on me finding the images, as my picture storage directory on my network drive is more of a mess than the Nerd Room of Doom.

  9. Twitter Summary: #CriticalHit #Ep30 Column of darkness in next room. Fight w/Snot Blobs and Tentacle Monsters. Thank @MightyKingCobra for those names.

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