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  1. Yuck….yeah she looks nice (but I#m gay, what do I know about such things :-P), but….

    Reynolds –>born 76 => 34
    Lively –> born 87 => 23 (two dam years older than me)


    How can they expect that such a couple works? Hal Jordan seems to be around his (mid)-thirties (for me) now, perhaps a little bit younger. And I always thought that Carol is around the same age (30!!!). It’s not the fact, that Lively is blond, but I’m not sure if she can portray a Carol I want to see (a woman – it’s hard to see Lively not as a little (Gossip) Girl -, a pilot, who has to run an aircraft firm with nobody willing to follow her….I like that approach, ’cause it shows her as a strong woman, willing to fight)….and I don’t even speak about her acting (I’m not sure if I can jugde it by the few GG-episodes I saw)…

    Not sure that can work

    • Ask Matthew, I am sure those are regulars on his rotation.

      I have no idea who this girl is, but I’m bothered by how young she is for this role. I didn’t care for Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, either…

  2. Honestly, if she’s gonna darken her hair, I think I’d be okay with this. Like Creep said, the age difference is kinda wrong, but we’re dealing with Hollywood – actresses over 40 are usually considered geriatric.

  3. Age differences between people don’t bother me but the actor needs to be right for the role. I don’t see Carol being as young as Blake.

    I think this casting may be a combination of a few factors:

    The studio thinks younger, pretty people will help fill seats and draw the demographic with the disposable income.

    The studio wants longevity out of its characters and they may be afraid that someone in her 30’s may not look so good by the time the third installment is released (which is ridiculous).

    The studio is just capitalizing on who’s hot right now. They are only sorry they couldn’t afford Megan Fox but are giving little thought toward the integrity of the character.

    None of this is to take anything away from Blake Lively any more than I will Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow. I haven’t seen them in the role yet.

    But, on the surface, it appears to be Hollywood being Hollywood.

  4. Yup. This is Hollywood doing exactly what it always does. Did we think that just because “Green Lantern” has a whole bunch of established history and characters that Hollywood was gonna change? C’mon people, I know y’all aren’t that naive. ;) Just don’t be surprised to find out that, for example, Vern Troyer is cast as Ganthet. Actually…. Hmmm.

  5. So was Hal babysitting Carol when he was a teen and she was a tyke? I know Reynolds looks young (talk about a babyface — not at all what I think of for Hal), but Lively’s gonna have to use age makeup to convince us she’s Hal’s peer…..

  6. Fanboys (and girls) of Earth….You have great rage in your heart.

    Which is well founded, Lively sucks! Another example of how Hollywood doesn’t ‘get it’.

  7. I have never even seen anything with Blake Lively in it so I have no opinion of her as an actress. But my above statement stands.

  8. LIES, Stephen! You know you got Gossip Girl on your DVR and own all the episodes on DVD and/or iTunes downloads. Because that commercial with her eating chocolate covered strawberries before making out with some guy is your favorite commercial that you love to see. :-P

  9. Here’s what I’ll say: The people working on this film look at Hal as a hot-shot test pilot. Reynolds, though 34, looks a bit younger than his age (late 20s) and can pull that off. They see Carol as the daughter of the head of the company Reynolds is going to work for and, as such, cast her as a younger-than-Reynolds woman.

    I think, as far as casting goes, they could’ve gotten someone with stronger acting chops. I’ve seen things with Lively in it (as, being married, I don’t get total control of the remote or the movie rental choices) and she’s certainly not horrible and definitely not hard on the eyes. However, she’s certainly not a bad choice.

    I’m okay with it until I see the show and she proves me wrong.

    (And, for the record, I didn’t like Kate Bosworth as Lois from the get-go. This one is far more alright with me.)

  10. Kate played Lois very well but I think many viewers had issue with her age as well. I think her Pulitzer combined with her motherhood and status at the Daily Planet seemed, not impossible, but incongruous with her age.

    Blake seems even less fitting in that regard. But, ultimately, it will be the acting that matters to me.

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