The Mad Hatter isn’t pleased. The promises of ruling the outside world were shattered once his sister Calie gave birth to baby Violet. She is the key to entering our world and once the Jabberwocky gains passage, he will destroy it. That doesn’t leave much left for Johnny and needless to say, he is bitter.

efw03cCOVER.jpgEscape from Wonderland #3
Written by: Raven Gregory
Pencils by: Daniel Leister
Colors by: Nei Ruffino
Letters by: Crank!

When we last saw Calie and her mysterious companion, they were on their way to rescue Violet when they encountered a giant worm blocking their path.  A heroic Calie stabs the monster through the throat but unfortunately they are surrounded by miniature versions of the beast she just killed. Her friend offers to distract them while she makes a run for it, leaving him behind. She is unaware that the Cheshire Cat has caught her scent and is following close behind along with his friend Lina (from the Cheshire Cat One Shot).

Calie finds herself in a hall of mirrors each reflecting herself at different stages in her life. The images speak to her, each one telling her that Wonderland is nothing more than a dream and none of it is real. Calie refuses to believe she is crazy and in a moment of rage, smashes one of the mirrors to find her baby hidden behind it. Just when she is about to make a break for it, the Cheshire Cat and Lina appear. I won’t give away how Calie escapes but I will say that one of the other characters don’t make it out of the cave alive. Clutching her infant daughter, Calie heads for the portal by the castle and runs into a familiar face. Someone from her past, someone who is known to be dead has arrived to rescue her.

The Mad Hatter has been informed by the white rabbit that Calie not only has the baby but is preparing to leave Wonderland. A furious Johnny travels through the castle’s looking glass just as Calie’s rescuer pushes her (and the baby) through a different mirror and states to Johnny that the “nightmare is finally over”. Calie wakes up in her room to find that nothing is what it seems. Violet is absent and the woman standing at her doorway leaves her breathless.

Escape from Wonderland #3 definitely took a turn I wasn’t expecting. I’m wondering how Calie’s savior rose from the dead and where she ended up when her and her daughter were pushed through the looking glass. My guess is that Calie is in an alternate reality. And although the identity of the skinless creature is never revealed, I think it is Calie’s ill fated boyfriend Brandon. I don’t know where this series is going but I am enjoying every minute of the ride. The mystery surrounding it is very intriguing.
I give Escape from Wonderland #3 5 Stars.


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