Would you believe they haven’t picked an actress to play opposite Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Green Lantern movie? Production has been relocated, Reynolds says he is excited about the look of Green Lantern for the film, and now it looks like five actresses are being considered for Hal Jordan’s girlfriend, Carol Ferris.

Who are they?  Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you on the front page, so you’ll have to take the jump to see who’s on the short list.

The list comes from Latino Review, and the site has done a good job in the past of nailing rumors (unlike some sites we no longer visit because of their forced, hack nature of link baiting).

  1. Eva Green – You’ve seen her as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I liked her as the cold-hearted spy, so conceivably she could bring that to the Ferris role.
  2. Keri Russel – Most recently, she did the voice of Wonder Woman in the direct to DVD movie from Warner Home Video.  That’s a pretty good tie to DC/Warner Bros, and that might be one of the deciding factors.
  3. Diane Kruger – She played the German double agent in Inglorious Basterds.  She reminds me a great deal of Heather Graham and I haven’t not liked anything Heather Graham has been in.  That being said, it’s too bad Heather Graham was not in Inglorious Basterds.
  4. Blake Lively – This Gossip Girl star also has a Warner Bros. connection, and in H’wood, having that inside track can go a long way to landing a part.
  5. Jennifer Garner – We haven’t seen a lot of Jennifer since the ending of Alias and her marriage to Ben Affleck.  For comic book fans her portrayal of Elektra in the Daredevil and Elektra movies, may be a stigma that might turn potential movie goers away.  Garner is also the oldest of the bunch, but compared to everyone else, she has the most experience as an action star.

So is most likely to land the role?  Some sites are already claiming Blake Lively has the job, but any on the list could do a good job.  Honestly, the one that sells it for me the most is Garner, but that’s only because I liked what she did in Alias.

What about you, Major Spoilerite? Who do you want to see as Carol Ferris?

via Latino Review


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  1. I’m surprised Megan Fox is not on that list.

    Please no Diane Kruger, she was the weakest point in Inglourious Basterds. Out of those, my favourite would probably be Eva Green.

  2. Eva Green would be good.
    Keri Russell I feel doesn’t have a sexy quality needed for a lead. She’s wife hot not girlfriend hot.
    Diane Kruger- I have no idea who she is.
    Blake Lively- Too Young.
    Jennifer Garner- Too old. I know! I know! But think how Ryan Reynolds looked next to Sandra Bullock in that good awful movie. If Bradley Cooper had been GL yes but with Reynolds I just don’t think it would look right.

    My pick would be Michelle Monaghan. I think she would be the perfect package. Pretty, funny, and more importantly a good actress.

  3. They need to pick someone with a great acting range because if the film turns into a franchise then no doubt Carol will become Star Sapphire. So they need someone who can not only play a love interest but a villain as well

  4. I think Keri Russell is extremely sexy. It would be good to have someone who isn’t Mexan Fox-like as the lead. Also, Keri is a good actress, which might occasionally be a consideration for the lead actress.

    Eva Green would also be good.

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