When all of the bats go missing from the Batcave, what’s a Boy Wonder to do? Call for help!

Written by Art Baltazar & Franco
Art and cover by Art Baltazar

Robin’s pet rabbits and penguins have taken over Wayne Manor. They’ve occupied every corner of the mansion from the bathroom to the kitchen cabinets. One perk of having an army of cute fluffy animals is that they prepare breakfast for him. True it is an odd combination of cereal, milk, ice, carrots and fish but hey, can you say that your pet makes you breakfast?

We find everyone’s favorite butler reading a magazine when a bat flies by and motions for him to open the door. Alfred happily obliges and after he lets the bat out, calls for Robin and asks if he left the entrance to the Batcave open…again. Robin points the finger at the animals and soon he is summoned by Batman. Poor Robin is ordered to recover all of the bats that have escaped the cave thanks to the mischievous bunnies and penguins. Being blamed for someone else’s actions is bad enough but imagine if it was because of your pets! A frustrated Robin is lectured by the Batman who states: “I can’t be Batman without the bats.” And he gives Robin until he returns from his evening patrol to find them.

Dick enlists the helps of Batgirl who is busy “toddler-sitting”. She brings the children along who turn out to be two very important members of the Bat-family. The toddlers decide to raid the costume area of the cave while Batgirl and Robin contemplate on what to do. Robin ends up summoning Bat-Mite who offers a solution to their problem by providing Batman costumes to disguise the bunnies in! The result looks like something out of the Build- A- Bear Workshop (you can in fact purchase a stuffed white rabbit; Batman suit sold separately. Buy yours today!). Will it be enough to fool the world’s greatest detective? The kids don’t think so, so Batgirl hatches a plan. What spectacular Bat-gadgets will she use from her utility belt? What will Barbara Gordon unleash? Prepare for the awesome technological power of…scotch tape and glue! After taping the bunnies arms down and gluing them to the ceiling, Batman returns…and is delighted! He also approves the choices of costumes the toddlers have selected and he instructs the children to feed the cow before turning in for the night.

The issue ends by revealing the whereabouts of the bats who have found a new home. A pin-up is included featuring Robin dressed as a penguin, Batgirl as a rabbit, a penguin in a Robin costume and a bunny dressed as Batman.

This delightful issue kept a smile on my face from start to finish. Readers can relate to taking the blame for something they didn’t do and I found myself having flashbacks to my childhood (although I would gladly trade places with Robin any day). I also have a soft spot for bunnies and I immediately light up whenever I see them on the page. The cameo’s by the two “toddlers” was a nice treat for Batman fans and I laughed the hardest at the site of rabbits in cosplay glued to the ceiling. Does that count as animal cruelty?

I give Tiny Titans #23 five stars.



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  1. I don’t even read this title but I always smile a little to think of how much you enjoy it. Your unabashed love for a title that avoids the grim darkness so replete in other title is refreshing.

    And, hey, HI! … You need to drop by more often and post something. You could at least come up with a holiday-oriented costume for all us poor guys who don’t have any family to see over Christmas. :-)

  2. @ Navarre Hello to you too! I apologize I haven’t been posting much but it is the result of my insane ambition to pursue three careers at once (teaching, modeling, writing) and I am also attending college! Things are crazy busy but I still squeeze in time for Major Spoilers; I love this place to death and enjoy writing for it more than I can say. When things calm down (mostly with school), I’ll be able to submit more content.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  3. I haven’t read this one yet, but I’m looking forward to it!! AW YEAH TITANS~~~!! :D I even skipped the review so I wouldn’t get spoilered, but I hadda give a high-five to my fellow Tiny Titans fans! Happy Holz, y’allz!! Aw yeah SANTA!!!~!

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