Barry Allen kicks Wally West and Bart Allen to the curb in 2010


While DC has maintained Wally West and Bart Allen would continue to play a big role in the Flash Universe – there were statements made that BOTH Wally and Barry would continue to be the Flash – Dan DiDio quashed those claims in an interview with Newsarama.  DiDio stated that Barry would be the only Flash in 2010, as the Wally West back up stories, and the Kid Flash title have both been dropped.

When Johns brought Green Lantern back, at least Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner had the Green Lantern Crops to return to where we could follow their adventures (and you HAVE been following their adventures, haven’t you?), but for long time Wally fans, not having any Wally content is going to be a little hard to manage.  I think most comic book readers today know Flash only as Wally West, much like many think of Timothy Dalton as James Bond, or Tom Baker as the only Doctor Who.  Yes, they may be aware of a Flash named Barry Allen, until his recent resurrection, most have probably not taken the time to go diving in the back issue bins in hopes of reading his adventures.

While the Flash: Rebirth series has been hyped, and has received a fair amount of press and praise, unless DC is able to do something radically different with Barry and get Flash fans on board for the long haul, the Flash series just might have some speed bumps it will have to overcome in 2010.

Really?  No Wally West?

via Newsarama