Days Missing gets hardcover treatment in 2010


Archaia has announced its recently completed series Days Missing will be getting the hardcover treatment in February 2010.

Days Missing tells the stories of a mysterious being known as “The Steward.” His ability to literally “fold” days of time has allowed him to secretly remove critical days from our shared history that have forever changed the course of mankind…or so he thinks. In these missing days, The Steward battles Frankenstein, the Spanish conquistadors and artificial lifeforms, among other history-shaping forces.

There are a number of extras included in the hardcover, including:

  • A foreword written by the legendary Warren Ellis, award-winning creator of graphic novels such as Fell, Ministry of Space, Planetary and Transmetropolitan.
  • A gallery featuring all 16 covers of the five issues.
  • A collectible poster on the reverse side of the dust jacket, joining together all of Frazer Irving’s complete chase covers to Days Missing.
  • Interviews with all of the writers and Roddenberry Productions’ Trevor Roth , creator of Days Missing.
  • Revelation of the secret code contained in the Days Missing logo.
  • A stat sheet of The Steward, plus a tour of his library.
  • The evolution of a comic page, from script to pencils, inks and colors.

Those interested in purchasing the hardcover can pre-order it now though Diamond and

via Archaia